Bridging the Gap Between

Cancer Research & Cancer Care

The Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University brings together a team of basic science researchers, clinicians, radiation oncologists, nurse navigators and patient support staff to create a community fostering innovation and care focused on improving the lives of our patients.

This team approach is focused on patients across the state of Georgia and neighboring states providing access to more first-in-the-nation clinical trials, world-renowned experts and a multidisciplinary approach that keeps the patient at the center of care.

Research at the Georgia Cancer Center’s M. Bert Storey Research Building focuses on the most promising pathways for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Several of our researchers are involved with investigator-initiated clinical trials, transitioning their research into the clinic. But, there are opportunities for even more breakthroughs. You can make it happen.

Learn how to Be A Catalyst for change.

Research & Academics

The M. Bert Storey Research Building houses the basic science teams with four floors of open concept-lab space, shared resources and special equipment, such as flow cytometry, radiation therapy research platforms and quantitative pathology imaging as well as administrative offices and meeting spaces for seminar, lectures, training sessions and community-wide forums on cancer-related topics.

The Georgia Cancer Center focuses on four elements of cancer research: Tumor Signaling & Angiogenesis, Molecular Oncology & Biomarkers, Cancer Immunology, Inflammation & Tolerance and Cancer Prevention and Control


Develop, characterize, and apply novel approaches to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring for cancers


Resources offering access to state-of-the-art technology, as well as training, consultation and support


Biomedical professionals at the Georgia Cancer Center have joined together to improve career development resources for research trainees and to promote networks of collaboration

Learn More About Research & Academics

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Clinical Trials

The Georgia Cancer Center houses a dedicated cancer clinical research unit that oversees the center’s own Phase I-IV trials and manages studies from throughout the medical center.

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Patient Care

We believe in helping any cancer patient and any healthcare provider access our services at any point from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship – always with skill and compassion.

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We seek to empower our community members to become catalysts, or sparks, by creating partnerships to increase healthy behaviors and reduce the risk of developing cancer.

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Reducing the Burden

The Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University is dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer in Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education. Through unprecedented expansion, the Georgia Cancer Center is providing access to more first-in-the-nation clinical trials, world-renowned experts and life-saving options.