Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Augusta University's standard MTA or CDA?

There is no such thing as a standard MTA or CDA. Each is negotiated between Augusta University and the other party.

Where do I find a template to write an MTA or CDA?

Augusta University does not supply a template since each agreement is unique.

Can my department chair sign an MTA or CDA?

No. The President of Augusta University has designated only a handful of individuals that can enter into legally binding agreements on behalf of Augusta University.

How do I get an MTA or CDA completed?

For MTAs please email For CDAs please email

Why is getting a few compounds from my colleague at a company such a big deal?

Agreements that control the exchange of real or intellectual property can contain clauses that can inhibit you, your students, your Augusta University colleagues, etc. from doing certain types of research in the future.