As a student at one of Georgia's only four comprehensive research universities, there are countless opportunities to delve into research. We believe that student research sparks critical thinking and creativity. It hones the ability to pose the right question, find the right answer and distill the messy, complex, and abstract thoughts of a lab notebook into an elegant argument.

Research encourages team-work and other skills that are transferable to the real world. We believe that research is the innate human pursuit of progress and service. It is the catalyst of innovation and it has been, and will forever remain, a great adventure.

Students attending Augusta University have the opportunity to enhance learning through direct participation in research and scholarship throughout all academic disciplines.

star studentsSTAR PROGRAM

The STAR (Student Training And Research) Program is designed to provide biomedical research experience for undergraduate students with a sincere desire to pursue a graduate education in biomedical sciences.

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The SRSP is to be targeted to academically capable students who lack the financial resources to attend college full-time or work on faculty-led collaborative research projects.

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Center for Undergraduate Research (CURS)

Augusta University students are amazing. Diverse in age, background, ethnicity, and race, they bring a variety of life experiences that enrich the educational experiences of all students. Meet them now.

linah achievementBIOMED SPOTLIGHTS

Our students each have a passion to make a difference for themselves and those in the world around them. As a student at Augusta University, you will have the opportunity to make an impact as part of our biomedical community.


Discover, Lead, Inspire, Engage.  Find your fit for life in one of our nine exciting Biomedical Science PhD programs, led by outstanding faculty in the Medical and Dental Colleges of Georgia.