Mission of AU Research Compliance

  • Promote a culture of ethics, integrity, safety and compliance in research

  • Facilitate research compliance and assist researchers in navigating research compliance processes

  • Provide research compliance guidance and oversight to ensure research is conducted according to federal, state, local, Board of Regents and university regulations and policies 

  • Help to ensure the integrity of the research record by encouraging ethical conduct in research

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Laura A. Meyer Chapman, MA, RBP



1120 15th Street CJ-1033 Augusta, GA 30912

Research Ethics and Compliance Initiatives

MCG Education Commons
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Responsible Conduct of Research

Augusta University is committed to supporting our research community by promoting scientific integrity through Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). 

Responsible Conduct of Research Responsible Conduct of Research
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Conflict of Interest

Maintaining public trust is critical to both the mission and reputation of Augusta University and its affiliated entities.

Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest
Laptop and phone with padlock superimposed
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Research Security

Augusta University addresses concerns regarding foreign influence in research.

Research Security Research Security
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Quality Review Monitoring of Human Subjects Research

The Research Ethics and Compliance Monitoring Service seeks to build a robust network of institutional and investigational compliance through the implementation of routine quality reviews for Augusta University human subject’s research.

Quality Review Monitoring of Human Subjects Research Quality Review Monitoring of Human Subjects Research

users icon Our Staff

photo of Laura A. Meyer Chapman, MA, RBP

Laura A. Meyer Chapman, MA, RBP

  • Director, Research Ethics & Compliance


photo of Ryan Sconyers

Ryan Sconyers

  • Coordinator, Research Compliance Programs


photo of Jesse White

Jesse White

  • Research Security Officer


photo of Hasibur Rehman

Hasibur Rehman

  • Research Compliance Analyst


photo of Carrie McAteer

Carrie McAteer

  • Clinical Research Quality Review Coordinator



Other University Resources for Research Compliance & Success

X-ray film scan of human head
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Human Subjects Research

The Internal Review Board protects human participants in research.

Human Subjects Research Human Subjects Research
Animal Care & Use
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Animal Care & Use

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is dedicated to the task of facilitating and assisting faculty in the conduct of research, teaching, and other activities involving the use of laboratory animals.

Animal Care & Use Animal Care & Use
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Outside Professional Activities

Outside professional activity by faculty and or administrators is encouraged under appropriate circumstances.

Outside Professional Activities Outside Professional Activities
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Research Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Division (EHS) partners with faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors to ensure a safe environment for work, study, discovery and patient care.

Research Safety Research Safety