Augusta University is actively participating in ways to improve the health and lives of the people of our community, our state, and around the world.

To do this, we conduct research, a great deal of which is done through clinical trials in humans (known as human subject research). There are many federal requirements that all research institutions must meet in order to conduct human subject research. We have an outstanding, dynamic, and growing group of researchers, administrators, and office staff ready to assist. Our defined strengths lie in the areas of:

  • Conventional clinical trials
  • Community, population health, social, behavioral, and educational research
  • Community education
  • Well-defined research initiation process
  • Ongoing and continued support for conduct of research
  • Integrated and technology advanced IT systems to support efficient research processes

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Division of Clinical and Translational Services


Designated Locations for Research

There are many locations available for human research studies at AU. Research is conducted at all of AUMC locations. Stand-alone research units are also available across AU to support diverse and varied research needs.

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