ILab log

iLab is a web-based system that allows researchers and staff to submit requests for Core services electronically.  The system allows real-time management of requests, provides financial billing that is integrated with People Soft Financials, and provides increased opportunity for collaboration with external partners.

For issues, please contact ILABADMIN@AUGUSTA.EDU
The preferred browsers are Firefox and Chrome.

Internal AU iLab Users

  • Every internal AU user has an iLab account that activates upon first login. 
  • iLab organizes user accounts into a lab.  Labs are named by the PI's last name.  
  • iLab automatically creates a lab for every AU PI that has at least 1 AU funding source/account. 
  • The first time a non-PI user logs in, the system will ask you to identify your PI. The PI or Lab Manager then receives an email asking to approve your request to become a member of that lab.
  • The PI or Lab Manager must approve members into the lab and authorize at least 1 AU funding source/account before lab members can start scheduling services or requesting project support.
  • A PI can designate one or more lab members as a Lab Manager to manage lab members and authorize expenditures.

External iLab Users:

  • For first-time login, please follow go to the AU iLab portal and log in as an External User.
  • External accounts are managed by iLab Solutions support staff.  This includes creating user accounts, organizing members into labs, and any additional account maintenance.
  • iLab support typically responds to and creates external user accounts within 24 hours.