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Researching Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes...

With the increasing frequency of obesity and diabetes, especially in Georgia, cardiovascular disease is reaching epidemic proportions.  The Vascular Biology Center at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University knows the demand is high for new and better treatments. Our internationally recognized team of research experts have one goal - to make breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of disease so that we all may live longer, healthier lives.

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VBC News

Woman with microscope

Researchers at Vascular Biology Center encourage more women to explore science careers

“A curious nature can either get you into trouble or annoy those around you. The trick is to find those along the way who encourage your inquisitiveness and foster an environment to fulfill the desire to know more."

Drs. Xiaochun Long (on left) and Joseph Miano stand in their lab together

Prime editing enables precise gene editing without collateral damage

New gene editing technology, prime editing, snips only a single strand of the double-stranded DNA. CRISPR makes double-strand cuts, which can be lethal to cells, and produces unintended edits at both the work site as well as randomly across the genome

two adult students studying

New lounge, study space created for graduate students in biomedical sciences

“Students need a place to connect with others. Now we have this fantastic lounge and study space where they can do that," said Dr. Jennifer Sullivan, interim dean of The Graduate School.

photo from article Stem cell therapy shows promise against age-related muscle loss

Stem cell therapy shows promise against age-related muscle loss

As the name implies, induced pluripotent stem cells can become any type of cell in our body, and scientists have evidence that when they prompt them to become muscle progenitor cells they can help restore the sometimes debilitating muscle loss that happens with age.

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