Clinical Trials Office Staff

photo of Ron Lewis, MD
Ron Lewis, MD

CTO Medical Director
photo of Mary Anne Park, RN, MSN, CCRC
Mary Anne Park, RN, MSN, CCRC

 Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery & Neurology Manager, Clinical Trials Office 
photo of Lillian Samundsen
Lillian Samundsen

Clinical & Translational Sciences/CTO Finance Manager
photo of Jennifer Adams, BBA
Jennifer Adams, BBA

Business Operations Specialist
photo of Kanishtha Agarwal, MPH
Kanishtha Agarwal, MPH

Research Assistant 
Pediatric Neurology Studies
photo of Peggy Best, RN, BSN, CCRC
Peggy Best, RN, BSN, CCRC

Research Nurse Clinician  
Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, and Trauma Studies
photo of Kori Williams, BS
Kori Williams, BS

Research Assistant 
eurology Stroke and Neurosurgery Studies
photo of Michelle Collins, LPN, CCRC
Michelle Collins, LPN, CCRC

Research Support  
Assistant P
ediatric Neurology Studies
photo of Mutsa Seremwe
Mutsa Seremwe

Research Associate 
Biorepository and Urologic Center Studies 
photo of Sean Patrick Prince
Sean Patrick Prince

Research Associate 
Biorepository and Bariatric Center of Excellence Database 
photo of Charlotte Gavalas, BA 
Charlotte Gavalas, BA 

Research Associate  
Orthopedic Surgery, Unfunded/Departmental Funded Studies 
photo of Kit Guinan, BS, BA, ARDMS
Kit Guinan, BS, BA, ARDMS

Research Manager  
Regulatory Submissions, and OB/GYN Ultrasonography 
photo of Linda Jones, RN, BSN
Linda Jones, RN, BSN

Research Nurse Clinician  
Anesthesia, Pulmonary, Radiology, and GI Medicine Studies
photo of Julia Jordan, RN, BSN
Julia Jordan, RN, BSN

Research Nurse Clinician   
Anesthesia, Biorepository, Cardiology, Orthopedic and Vascular Surgery Studies
photo of Julie Miller, LPN
Julie Miller, LPN

Research Assistant   
OB/GYN Studies
photo of Tracy Miller, BHS, MLT (ASCP)
Tracy Miller, BHS, MLT (ASCP)

Research Assistant  
Nephrology, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, and Trauma Studies
photo of Kimberly Hekl, RN
Kimberly Hekl, RN

Research Nurse Clinician  
Neonatology, Pediatric ID, and Rheumatology Studies 
photo of Danielle Crethers
Danielle Crethers

Research Associate  
Pediatric CT Surgery Studies
photo of Sara Smith, RN
Sara Smith, RN

Nurse Clinician 
photo of Ijeoma Azih, MBBS 
Ijeoma Azih, MBBS 

Senior Research Associate  
photo of Patty Ray, Ph.D. 
Patty Ray, Ph.D. 

Research Associate  
Adult & Pediatric Neurology Studies
photo of Sunil Halder, PhD
Sunil Halder, PhD

Research Associate  
Otolaryngology and Trauma Studies 
photo of Carol Smith, RN, CCRC 
Carol Smith, RN, CCRC 

Research Nurse Clinician  
Cardiology Studies
photo of Heidi Stapp, RN, BSN 
Heidi Stapp, RN, BSN 

Research Nurse Clinician  
Pediatric: CF Center, Pulmonology, and Rheumatology Studies 
photo of Nancy Starnes, RN, BSN 
Nancy Starnes, RN, BSN 

Research Nurse Clinician  
Pediatric Neurology Studies 
photo of Torri Blackmon, BS
Torri Blackmon, BS

Research Associate  
Pediatric Neurology Studies 
photo of Brittney Chubb, MPH
Brittney Chubb, MPH

Research Associate  
Pediatric Neurology Studies
photo of Andy Laserna
Andy Laserna

Research Associate  
OB/GYN Studies
photo of Leigh Anne Ogden, RN
Leigh Anne Ogden, RN

Research Nurse Clinician  
OB/GYN Studies
photo of Victoria Cave
Victoria Cave

Office Specialist