Clinical Research Pharmacy

The AU Medical Center pharmacy has been assigned responsibility for study medication receipt, storage, dispensing, accountability and record-keeping for all human subject research on campus.

The Clinical Research Pharmacy provides:

  • One central site for investigational drug management ensuring compliance with federal and state mandates and sponsor requirements.
  • Assurance of adequate and accurate written records of receipt and disposition of all drug supplies.
  • Study design assistance
  • Randomization and blinding
  • Patient monitoring 

To initiate your research study with the clinical research pharmacy, please go to iLab and create a new study. 

View instructions and assistance or contact for more help.

  • Copy of the subject's signed/dated informed consent.
  • Written prescription signed by a physician/investigator with the following additional information listed:
      • Subject/patient's full name and initials, study ID#.
      • Home address, date of birth, weight in kg for pediatric patients (or if drug dosed by weight).
      • Allergy status (list any known allergies to medications or "NKDA" for no known drug allergies).
      • Medical Record Number for that patient (not dummy study ID or study account number).
      • Short name of study/study drug and protocol number for study.
  • Provide written prescription at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The pharmacy staff will have the Rx available for pick up in the central Clinical Research Pharmacy (2nd floor hospital, BI-2101) on the day of the visit. Oncology Rx can be picked up at Cancer Center Pharmacy.
  • Notify the pharmacy in advance of your anticipated needs whenever possible (e.g., if screening for new patients, what hours/days are your clinics -- for returning patients you should provide a list of return appointments).
  • Provide a prescription from a physician investigator by one of three methods:
    1. Drop off prescription to Clinical Research Pharmacy staff (BI-2101).
    2. Fax copy of prescription to 721-4099 (the pharmacy staff will get the original prescription when the study drug is dropped off/picked up).
    3. Have the investigator call in the prescription or dose adjustment to the pharmacist via Imprivata Cortext.
  • Filled prescription will be picked up by the study coordinator/investigator or research team member.