The Optima 8000 ICP-OES (Inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometer) is equipped with a unique double monochromator, dual backside-illuminated charge-coupled device detector, real time dynamic wavelength stabilization, and automatic dual viewing of the plasma torch. It provides fast and reliable analysis of major and minor elements of small samples in solution. It can be used for routine multi-element analysis (ppb to ppm range) of environmental, geological or biological samples.

  • Environmental applications
  • Food & Agriculture applications
  • Geochemistry, Mining& Minerals applications
  • Energy & Chemical applications


All users must follow the general rules of the Chemical and Biomolecular Analysis Facility

The plasma MUST NEVER be operated unless:

  • The torch compartment door is closed with the locking lever fully latched; and
  • The space above the chimney is clear of objects

Useful Links 

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Research Groups

Christopher Klug
Assistant professor of Chemistry
Area of interest: Radiochemistry, actinide and lanthanide chemistry, spectroscopy, electrochemisty 

Stephanie Myers
Professor of Chemistry
Area of interest: Analytical chemistry