Researcher DEA Licenses

DEA Licenses for Augusta University Researchers

Only pharmacists, MD's, DVMs, PI's, etc. should be registering in their own name followed by Augusta University.

Before ANY researcher can obtain a federal DEA license, they must obtain a Georgia DEA license. Augusta University researchers can waive the federal DEA application fee because Augusta University is a state institution. The Georgia DEA license application requires a photograph and notarized signature. Researchers will be required to complete the Pharmacy Facility Application. The application(s) and fee schedule can be found on the website of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy:

The primary individual in charge/responsible for the protocol for the program is required to provide evidence of US citizenship (copy of birth certificate or passport) or qualified alien status under the Work Opportunity and Personal Responsibility Act of 1996. Also, attach a brief resume and current photo (2x2 passport style photo).

If you have questions contact the Georgia Board of Pharmacy at telephone # 800-656-6568.

Federal DEA licenses have been automated and applicants now have the option of applying on-line or using the traditional paper application. Augusta University Faculty and Researchers will need to complete the Form 225 application. Researcher licenses are renewed on an annual basis. Renewal applications can also be completed on-line. Please review the following web sites for general information and fee schedules prior to applying for the federal DEA license: in the Application Downloads.