Ensure a stong UR experience with a stong syllabus.

Best practice for mentors of undergraduate research inlcudes clearly communicating about the experience. Consider inlcuding the following in your syllabus:

  • contact information
  • meeting times; expected work schedule
  • goals and learning objectives
  • tanglible outcomes
  • mentoring philosophy
  • timeline of activity
  • roles and responsibilities
  • evaluation process and expectations for S/ABCDF grade
  • reading list
  • relevant concepts
  • lab / research ettiquette
  • required trainings, deadlines

Browse through the samples below for components of your UR syllabus.

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Syllabus Template

Course Name: CURS X990/Departmental X990  

Contact Information

Include your office location, lab location (if applicable), email, phone number

Research Goals

What are the learning outcomes/research outcomes for your students? What skills will they be developing? 

Student/Faculty Communication

What are your expectations for communication amongst your student(s)? How do you preferred to be contacted? What is the protocol for communicating in normal situations? Important situations? Emergency situations?

Important Dates

Are there important dates or events that need to be shared with your students? How does your course relate to the undergraduate academic calendar? 

Student Expectations

What do you expect of your students? Be specific and collaborative.

Mentor Expectations

What should your students expect from you? Be specific. 

Tentative Schedule

It is expected for undergradute research students to spend 6-8 hours each week completed research tasks. This can include physical, direct mentorship from you or a desingated member of your research team or independent time to complete various tasks. Develop a tentative schedule and ensure your students that it can change and how to expect updates to the schedule.

Required Trainings and Readings 

What trainings are required by the university and by you to particpate in this research experience? What documentation will you require? What readings and other materials need to be completed to be a successful particpate in this research experience? How will your studnets gain access to these items? 


Example Syllabi

Science (Bench-Research)


Interdisciplinary Health Sciences