The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship office offers funding assistance twice per year (Fall and Spring) in support of faculty-led undergraduate student research, scholarship, and creative activity. Faculty and students in all academic disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals.  Funds can be used towards travel (see details below) or the purchase of materials and supplies necessary for the project.


Spring Grant Period: January  1-31            Fall Grant Period: August 1-31

  View this short video on tips for successful CURS proposals by CURS Director, Dr. Quentin Davis.  

Faculty Materials Grant

LeMosy and Brooklyn

Faculty may submit an application for materials needed to conduct research or scholarly work in collaboration with one or more undergraduates. Review the call for proposals prior to submitting application. Request should not exceed $1000.

Faculty Travel Grant

Faculty may submit an application for travel to conduct or present research or scholarly work in collaboration with one or more undergraduate students. Please review the call for proposals prior to submitting application. Request should not exceed $1000.

Student Travel Grant

Students in research

Undergraduate students may submit an application for travel to conduct or present research or scholarly work produced in collaboration with a faculty mentor. Groups of students attending same conference should submit 1 proposal per trip/conference. Review the Call for Proposals for guidance. Request should not exceed $1000. All student names (who are confident they can travel) should be included in proposal. Please note: Student travel grants must be student-written (may be reviewed by a faculty mentor). These submissions will be weighed against other student applicants.

Unallowable expenses include (but are not limited to):  publication fees, membership dues, personnel (stipends, consulting fees, technicians, etc), participation incentives, core facility charges.


Application Instructions

  1. Review the relevant CURS Grant Evaluation Rubric [faculty/student: travel rubric|faculty: materials rubric].
  2. Review the Call for Proposals
  3. Complete the online application
  4. Maximum request should not exceed $1000


View Previously Funded Projects

How to receive your award

1. Upon notice of awarded proposal, awardee (or business manager) should complete the online: Use of Funds Agreement

2. CURS will transfer funding to your home department for expenditure or reimbursement.

3. If travel is awarded, you need to acquire Travel Authorization prior to travel, and complete the appropriate Travel Expense worksheet for reimbursement after travel.

4. Complete a Grant Utilization Report by Feb 1 (Fall grants) /June 1 (Spring grants)

Please contact if you have any questions.

Summer Scholars Program

Summer is the perfect time to host student/faculty collaborations in research.  Students have less academic obligations and can focus on a research intensive experience.  We have provided a program that allows faculty to create an environment over 5 or 9 weeks to mentor and guide students in the research and scholarship process.  This looks different to the various disciplines at Augusta University, but the impact on student researchers is powerful.

CURS provides student stipends, funding towards materials, supplies needed for the research, and eligible faculty receive a stipend. Housing is not provided. encourages Innovation, Investigation, and Discovery, Join us in 2022! Learn More about the SSP.

Faculty proposals accepted now through January 4.

**********DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JAN 10, 2022*************

Student applications open in February.

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Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Fellowships are traditionally awarded to graduate students or professionals with the intention of supporting the individual’s scholarly pursuits. CURS is proud to announce 3 new undergraduate fellowships open to Augusta University undergraduates as of Spring 2021 to students pursuing research outside of the classroom and under the guidance of a scholarly mentor. There are three types of CURS fellowships: International Researcher;

  • Community Impact Fellowship: $1000 for a student investigating issues of local or global concern that can improve our community.
  • Fellowship for Enhancing Equity and Diversity: $1000 supports a student investigating issues of groups experiencing discrimination.
  • International Researcher Fellowship: $2000 awarded to student(s) who are conducting research abroad.

Learn more about CURS Fellowships

Distinctions in Research

Student researchers are eligible to apply for the following designations to be awarded at graduation. The Distinction in Research and Distinction of Excellence in Research are awarded by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship to recognize student’s active engagement in the process of discovery, investigation, and innovation above and beyond the baccalaureate degree. These designations will be listed on the eligible students' academic transcripts.  Research Honor cords (in lavender) are provided to those who apply and achieve the Distinction in Research award. The Honor cord and a medallion will be provided to those who apply and achieve the Distinction of Excellence in Research.

Please see the eligibility criteria and start your path towards these prestigious awards.

Research Mentor Awards

Faculty mentoring is a very important part of undergraduate research. We value the time, effort, and energy put into guiding students through the discovery process.  Student are encouraged to recognize and show their appreciation by nominating a mentor for one of the following awards.

High Five My Faculty Award

Dr Mukhopadyay receives High Five Award

Student or peer nominated awards to recognize and show appreciation to a faculty member who has mentored one or more undergraduate students in research or scholarship. Nominations are accepted all year and awards may be presented at any point throughout the academic year. Awards are presented by nominator and CURS usually during a class period.

High Five My Faculty


CURS Mentor Excellence Award

Student nominated award to recognize and show appreciation to one faculty member annually who has shown excellence in mentoring one or more undergraduate students in research or scholarship. Nominations are accepted Mar 1 - March 30. The CURS Advisory Committee selects among all nominations. Eligible mentors are AU faculty who have mentored undergraduates in research for at least one year.The award, including plaque and $500 in funding for student research, is presented during Undergraduate Research Week each spring. 


Sabbatini Receives Mentor Award

Previous Award Winners


Dr. Ellen LeMosy, Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy

Working with Dr. LeMosy has truly been an enlightening experience and continues to provide me with incredible opportunities for learning and growth. I have no doubt that my entire career will be shaped by the time that I have spent with Dr. LeMosy over these past years.


Dr. Eugenia Sabbatini, Department of Biological Sciences

One thing that I have always admired about Dr. Sabbatini is her extraordinary ability to teach and connect with students. She shows us not only how to conduct research but also how to enjoy the process with a sense of curiosity....Dr. Sabbatini has inspired me with her devotion to her work, both as a researcher and as a mentor, and I will always be grateful for her support in my journey of self-growth and development. I believe that she is truly deserving of the CURS mentor of excellence award.  


Dr. Jessica Ziembrowski, Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Ziembroski is the most demanding, yet encouraging professor I've ever worked with at Augusta University, and she has greatly influenced my decision to become a social worker. She continually motivated me to reach my highest potential. She instills confidence in myself and my abilities through her mentorship.