Augusta University's Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship supports research and scholarly activity by undergraduate students. We provide programming and financial support for faculty-student scholarly collaborations through a wide range of services.

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photo of Dr. Quentin Davis

Dr. Quentin Davis

  • CURS Director


photo of Melissa Knapp

Melissa Knapp

  • CURS Coordinator


photo of Aria Leathers, Nursing major

Aria Leathers, Nursing major

  • Office Assistant


photo of Emily Flewellen, Communications major

Emily Flewellen, Communications major

  • Office Communications Assistant



Faculty Advisory Committee

photo of Dr. Laurence Miller

Dr. Laurence Miller

  • College of Science and Mathematics
photo of Dr. Kimberly Gray

Dr. Kimberly Gray

  • Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Donna Wear

Dr. Donna Wear

  • College of Science and Mathematics
photo of Dr. Alison Foley

Dr. Alison Foley

  • Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Harley Eades

Dr. Harley Eades

  • School of Computer and Cyber Sciences
photo of Dr. Jaclyn Murray

Dr. Jaclyn Murray

  • College of Education
photo of Dr. Vahe’ Heboyan

Dr. Vahe’ Heboyan

  • College of Allied Health
photo of Dr. Alan Saul

Dr. Alan Saul

  • Medical College of Georgia
photo of Dr. Julie Zadinsky

Dr. Julie Zadinsky

  • College of Nursing


2020-2021 CURS Student Ambassadors

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photo of Hisham Kashif

Hisham Kashif

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Cell and Molecular Biology major

Hisham Kashif is from Roswell, Georgia and is pursuing a major in Cell and Molecular Biology. After completing his undergraduate degree in 2022, he hopes to attend the Medical College of Georgia. His curious nature and appetite for learning drew him to research while the unique experiences made him stay. 
 Research may seem like a daunting task at first, but it will be one of the most transformative experiences in your undergraduate career. As for advise, never underestimate the power of cold emails to potential mentors and PI’s. If you have any questions or need advise on how to start out in research, you can reach me at

photo of Katherine McCartney

Katherine McCartney

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Psychology major

My major is psychology, and I'm graduating in May 2022. I'm from Lawrenceville, GA and plan on attending medical school after graduating. I wanted to get involved in research with CURS because of the resources they offer, like poster sessions and seminars. A word of advice for those interested in conducting research would be to reach out to a professor and discuss your interest with them!   Please reach out through instagram.

photo of Caleb Jensen

Caleb Jensen

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Cell and Molecular Biology major

My name is Caleb Jensen and I am a Cell and Molecular Biology major from the class of 2021. I am  from Woodstock, Georgia, and came to Augusta University to pursue a career in dentistry (hopefully at the Dental College of Georgia). I decided to apply for the CURS research program for the first time last year in hopes of finding a research advisor I could complete my Honors Thesis under. My success through CURS last summer led me back to doing CURS again this summer. My advice to anyone who is interested in research is this: apply to CURS because it gives you an opportunity to connect with research advisors and fellow research students from all around the Summerville and downtown campuses. For students who are serious about getting involved in research, CURS is the best of both worlds because you can build so many connections and you get paid to do research. CURS is a wonderfully run program that (in my case) has proven to be flexible enough to allow time for research and shadowing. There is no doubt in my mind that the CURS program is the most productive way to spend your summer.


Ways to contact me:

Instagram: _caleb_jensen


photo of Leslie Duncan

Leslie Duncan

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Cell and Molecular Biology major

My name is Leslie Duncan and I am a Cell and Molecular Biology major on track to graduate May 2021. I am from Wichita, Kansas but have resided with my family in Savannah, Georgia for the last few years. After graduating from Augusta University with my undergraduate degree I plan to attend Medical School with the ultimate goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. I started research with CURS to find a mentor to work with on my honors thesis. A piece of advice I would like to give other students in research is to not be afraid. It can be very intimidating working with such accomplished and experienced mentors, but I have learned they are there to help. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or phone. My email is Welcome to CURS!

photo of Kit Jester

Kit Jester

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Psychology major

Hello! I am a senior psychology major with general minor studies in neurologic and psychiatric health. I should graduate in Fall 2020.  After handle some personal matters post-graduation, I'm looking into a program that integrates aspects of health and rehabilitation psychology, medical education and play, and the healing arts within an applied framework of child and adolescent development. Many special interests lie in the clinical neurosciences, so I'll be taking care to find aspects of this in my work. Additionally, I hope to further the investigation of my current research topic and keep a niche here with my connections through AU.

 Early in my college career I had small interactions with CURS, but it was the Honors thesis sequence that pushed me into research adventures as a new PI. It was intimidating, but CURS had resources to address the challenges and triumphs at every stage. With their help, I connected with an awesome advisor, endured IRB submission and data collection procedures, and traveled to present at a major conference. Everyone was supportive of my work and I lived to successfully defend my thesis last year.

  • Talk to people familiar with research and creative scholarship, including your professors and other students (and us!). Look for hidden cross-campus opportunities, accept your experience as an evolving process, stay curious, and be very careful with your physical and mental health. You'll learn a lot, friends.
  • Please reach out through the AU e-mail system with all the questions you have! (
photo of Madison Brown

Madison Brown

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • English major
My name is Madison Brown and I am a senior English major graduating in December of 2021. I am from Cordele, Georgia, but I am happy to live in Augusta now. My plans after undergrad are to go to graduate school and study children’s literature. My goal is to become a professor and teach it, as well. I wanted to do research with CURS because I know it is an amazing opportunity to learn and study alongside a professor, which is an extremely valuable resource to have. My advice to anyone looking to apply for CURS would be to find something you are really interested in and go for that! I am reached the easiest through my AU email if they have any questions!
photo of Eyana Thomas

Eyana Thomas

  • CURS Ambassador,
  • Cell and Molecular Biology major
I am a Senior majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and Chemistry with a concentration in Medicinal Chemistry. I am graduating in Spring 2021. I am originally from Savannah, GA where I attend an art high school. I plan to take a gap year after graduation and apply next cycle for MD/PhD programs. From high school, I knew that I wanted to do research, I didn't know what kind, but I knew I wanted to have that experience. During my first semester of freshman year, I went to a student research seminar and it solidified my decision of pursuing research. CURS felt like the obvious choice, they sponsored the event and offered a website full of potential research. But also, it was my first semester here, I didn't know enough about my professors to even know if they were doing research with undergraduates. A week later I went to Mrs. Knapp to try to get into a lab. My meeting with her is the reason I give this next line of advice: Wait until your sophomore year or at the very least your second semester of freshman year to pursue research! Your freshman year contains a lot of first like the first time dictating your own schedule, your first time away from home, etc. This can get very overwhelming, and it was for me. To this day, I am thankful for this advice because otherwise, it may have changed my first impression of research. You can contact me via email: or Instagram @effortlesslyeyana