Augusta University's Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship supports research and scholarly activity by undergraduate students. We provide programming and financial support for faculty-student scholarly collaborations through a wide range of services.

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photo of Dr. Quentin Davis

Dr. Quentin Davis

  • CURS Director


photo of Dr. Alex St. Louis

Dr. Alex St. Louis

  • CURS Coordinator



Faculty Advisory Committee

photo of Dr. Laurence Miller

Dr. Laurence Miller

  • College of Science and Mathematics
photo of Dr. Kimberly Gray

Dr. Kimberly Gray

  • Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Donna Wear

Dr. Donna Wear

  • College of Science and Mathematics
photo of Dr. Alison Foley

Dr. Alison Foley

  • Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Clement Aubert

Dr. Clement Aubert

  • School of Computer and Cyber Sciences
photo of Dr. Jaclyn Murray

Dr. Jaclyn Murray

  • College of Education
photo of Dr. Vahe’ Heboyan

Dr. Vahe’ Heboyan

  • College of Allied Health
photo of Dr. Dustin Avent-Holt

Dr. Dustin Avent-Holt

  • Pamplin College
photo of Dr. Brian Muntean

Dr. Brian Muntean

  • Pharmacology & Toxicology
photo of Dr. Julie Zadinsky

Dr. Julie Zadinsky

  • College of Nursing


Meet The 2022-2023 CURS Ambassadors:


photo of Makayla Preston

I was surprised to learn that mathematical research goes beyond what one might believe...My mathematics research includes epidemiology and immunology. 


After graduation, I plan on obtaining my master's degree in aerospace engineering, and a career in the aerospace industry. 

photo of Skyler Owens

I was surprised to learn how much data organization and interpretation skills were involved in research. I also learned research is exploratory. There are so many avenues for your research to go, as well as previous articles to compare. 


My future career goals consist of going to graduate school for chemistry and becoming an epidemiologist. 

photo of Peter Browning

I was surprised by the amount of fun I had working hand-in-hand with my faculty mentor. 


My future career goals including changing the world through innovation and completely revolutionize technology. 

photo of Tommy Rusch

I was surprised to learn all the factors that go into publishing a study like grant funding, peer review, and collaboration. 


My future career goals include getting my master's degree and moving to the west coast to be closer to Silicon Valley. 

photo of Katelinn Jones

I was surprised that research was fun and exciting! It has not been as hard as I thought it would be. 


My future career goals include becoming a surgeon and creating a nonprofit organization to serve underrepresented students who have interests in various fields but no resources to accomplish their goals.