2024 CURS AmbassadorsWelcome to the undergraduate research community at Augusta University! Whether you are discovering research for the first time, or you have completed multiple semesters of research under the guidance of our faculty, we welcome you to the CURS Undergraduate Research Community. The UR community is sponsored by our CURS Student Ambassadors. (See our awesome gang of 2023-2024 Ambassadors to the right!)

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Upcoming CURS Community Events

CURS hosts community-wide events each semester, in addition to departmental programming. Check out our upcoming events below:

Fall 2023

We had a fun and busy fall semester! Thank you for joining CURS for game night, Top Golf, Mentorship Week, and our movie night!

Spring 2024

The CURS Ambassadors are planning fun social events for the spring semseter. Stay tuned for more information! 

Undergraduate Research Week

Every spring, CURS celebrates undergraduate student researchers during Undergraduate Research Week. Events include the annual Undergraduate Research and Fine Arts (URFA) Conference, a Faculty Mentor Reception, and other special recognitions.

Undergraduate Research Week will be held April 1-4, 2024. Information about the upcoming Undergraduate Research Conference, on Wednesday, April 3rd, can be found here

The Arsenal Undergraduate Research Journal

The Arsenal is Augusta University's Undergraduate Research Journal. It is sponsored by CURS in collaboration with Reese Library and CURS Ambassadors.

The Arsenal (ISSN 2380-5064 online) is a peer-reviewed, open-access interdisciplinary publication that is dedicated to publishing manuscripts resulting from Augusta University undergraduate research. Each paper published in the The Arsenal undergoes a peer review process facilitated by the journal‘s Editorial Review Board and must be approved by an appointed faculty reviewer in the paper’s respective discipline. Authors published in the Arsenal retain copyright of their works.

Learn more about the journal.

CURS Ambassadors

The CURS Ambassadors, serving Augusta University, are committed to advocating and promoting research to all disciplines and under-represented students. They attend CURS-sponsored events, guide students pursuing research, model research practices through presenting original research at various events, and serve as representatives on the The Arsenal Student Editorial Board. 

2023-2024 CURS Ambassadors

2023-2024 CURS Ambassadors Back LR: Dr. Quentin Davis, CURS Director, Daniel Francois, Riya Patel, Grace Neiswender, Trinity Johnson, Kale Le, Dr. Alex St. Louis, CURS Coordinator

Front LR: Sai Nasanally, Charmi Patel, Tanish Kumar, Skyler Owens, TK Guerrero, Vanessa Browning

photo of Tanish Kumar

Tanish Kumar

  • CURS President
  • Junior, Kinesiology Major

What surprised you most about participating in research?

I was surprised at how easy and welcoming undergraduate research can be. We have fantastic mentors at AU.

photo of Daniel Francois

Daniel Francois

  • Vice President Treasurer
  • Junior, Nursing Major

What surprised you most about participating in research?

I was surprised at how fun and enjoyable it was to work with my mentor and peers to discuss our findings in research. 

photo of TK Guerrero

TK Guerrero

  • CURS Secretary
  • Senior, Elementary Education Major

What surprised you most about participating in research?

I was surprised at how much I loved doing research and how many connections and friendships I made with other students and faculty. 

photo of Kaitlyn Le

Kaitlyn Le

  • CURS Historian
  • Senior, Biology Major & Art Minor

What surprised you most about participating in research?

I am surprised by the connections I made not only from my research but with others participating in research. 

photo of Vanessa Browning

Vanessa Browning

  • Arsenal Co-Chair
  • Junior, Psychology Major

What surprised you most about participating in research?

I was surprised at the complexity of qualitative data analysis. I am completing research in the field of science education and it has been incredibly fascinating!

photo of Trinity Johnson

Trinity Johnson

  • Arsenal Co-Chair
  • Senior, Kinesiology Major

What surprised you most about participating in research?

I have learned a lot about participation in social science research. There is uncertainty in how many people would participate in our survey. It was a learning lesson for me that there may not always be high numbers in participants, but that doesn’t mean your research stops. It means you that you can still make do with what you have.

photo of Skyler Owens

Skyler Owens

  • Conference Chair
  • Senior, Biochemistry Major

What surprised you most about participating in research? 

I was most surprised by how rewarding research is. I have learned so many valuable skills and experiences that are one of a kind. 

photo of Charmi Patel

Charmi Patel

  • Conference Committee
  • Senior, Cell and Molecular Biology
photo of Riya Patel

Riya Patel

  • Arsenal Committee
  • Junior, Psychology

What surprised you most about participating in research? 

The biggest thing that surprised me about research is the level of detail involved. Yes, since you are conducting research you should be detailed, but this goes beyond just notes. You have to learn to be very detailed with your vision as well, as in what to pay attention to and what not to. Additionally, through appreciating this detail, I believe I have improved my skills of patience and teamwork. I did not realize the everyday lessons I was going to learn through research.


photo of Grace Neiswender

Grace Neiswender

  • Conference Committee
  • Junior, Cell and Molecular Biology

 What surprised you most about participating in research? 

What surprised me the most about participating in undergrad research is the growth I experienced in my laboratory skills but also in my communications and teamwork skills. Another thing that surprised me was the “story” aspect of research. I got to understand that everything that I did and the results, both positive and negative, were part of this bigger picture, that I could not see during the days spent in the lab but in hindsight, made this great story that I could present to others.

photo of Sai Nasanally

Sai Nasanally

  • Conference Committee
  • Sophomore, Cell and Molecular Biology

What surprised you most about participating in research? 

I was most surprised by how much fun I have participating in research. This wasn't something that I expected, but clearly enjoy. 



Ask an Ambassador

The CURS Ambassador Leadership Team hosts office hours weekly during the academic year to meet with students about undergraduate research. Drop by the office Monday-Friday each week this fall (August 21st-December 8th) to ask your questions and connect with some of our CURS Ambassadors.

You can also send the Ambassadors an email! Send your questions to curs@augusta.edu, Subject line "Ask an Ambassador"


  • Noon-1 pm
  • Allgood Hall E330



  • Noon-1 pm & 3:30-5 pm
  • Allgood Hall E330

Trinity & TK


  • 1:30-3:30 pm & 4-5 pm
  • Allgood Hall E330

Vanessa & Trinity


  • Noon-2 pm & 2-4 pm
  • Allgood Hall E330

Daniel & Tanish


  • 11 am-1 pm & Noon-1 pm
  • Allgood Hall E330

Kaitlyn & Skyler