Mentor Awards

High Five My Faculty Award

Student or peer nominated awards to recognize and show appreciation to a faculty member who has mentored one or more undergraduate students in research or scholarship. Nominations are accepted all year and awards may be presented at any point throughout the academic year. Awards are presented by nominator and CURS usually during a class period.

High Five My Faculty


CURS Mentor of Excellence Award

Student nominated award to recognize and show appreciation to one faculty member annually who has shown excellence in mentoring one or more undergraduate students in research or scholarship. Nominations are accepted Mar 15 - March 30. CURS Advisory Committee selects among all nominations. The award, including plaque and funding for research, is presented during Undergraduate Research Week each spring.



Certificate of Appreciation: Summer Scholars Mentor

Presented to each mentor of our Summer Scholars Program in appreciation for their support and guidance of undergraduate scholarship.

Student Awards

Community Impact Fellowship

Fellowship for Enhancing Equity and Diversity

International Researcher Fellowship


Distinction in Research

Earn recognition for your research and scholarly achievements.  Start your path early to earning this Honor Cord

Distinction of Excellence in Research

This achievement will result in the award of a Honor Cord and Medallion along with recognition on your transcripts

Ambassador Service Award

Presented to one CURS Ambassador each Spring for excellent service and commitment to the CURS mission.


Certificate of Recognition for Scholarly Presentation

Presented to each Student Research Series Presenter in appreciation for sharing scholarly work with the AU community.


Certificate of Completion for CURS Summer Scholars Program

Presented to each Summer Scholar for successful completion of the Summer Scholars Program.