How do conferences operate, and how can I get involved as an undergraduate? 

Academic conferences are an important component of research! They serve as intentional opportunities for researchers to share and disseminate their work with other experts and scholars within their discipline/field. Typically, academic conferences are discipline specific — meaning chemists might attend the American Chemical Society Annual Conference, while educators might attend the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting. However, some conferences can be interdisciplinary or include multiple areas of research like the Georgia Academy of Sciences which includes nine disciplines biological sciences, psychological sciences, and science education, amongst others. 

CURS recommends you talk to your faculty mentor about what professional organizations they belong to and what conferences they attend. All conferences are organized through the following process:

  1. A call for proposals/abstracts
  2. Submission platform for proposals/abstracts
  3. A review of proposed proposals/abstracts
  4. Acceptance/rejection of proposed proposals/abstracts
  5. Registration for the conference
  6. Implementation of the conference 


Professional conferences are academic-orientated conferences that are hosted and organized by professional organizations. They will have presenters and attendees ranging from tenured faculty to graduate students. Over the past couple of years, more undergraduates have sought participation.

Undergraduate conferences are academic-oriented conferences that are hosted by undergraduate research offices (like CURS!), the Council on Undergraduate Research, or National Collegiate Honors Council. They will have undergraduate student presenters and attendees. 

Preparing for an academic conference takes time! It is rare that you can purpose and present a research presentation in the same semester. Please take the time to talk to your faculty mentor and research important deadlines and deliverables for conferences you are interested in participating in. 


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Presentation Opportunities

Annual Conferences at Augusta University

Undergraduate Research and Fine Arts (URFA) Conference
  • Hosted by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, and Summerville Interdisciplinary Research Office
  • Population: Undergraduate 
  • Call for Proposals: Early Spring Semester
  • Conference Date: Late March/early April 
  • Interdisciplinary Conference
  • Location: Augusta University


URFA Conference Website

Summer Scholars Program Symposium
  • Hosted by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship
  • Population: Undergraduate (invitation only through participation in the Summer Scholars Program)
  • Application for program: February 
  • Symposium Date: Late July
  • Interdisciplinary Conference
  • Location: Augusta University


Summer Scholars Program Website

Annual Conferences in the State of Georgia

Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference (GURC)
  • Hosted by rotating Undergraduate Research Offices 
    • 2024: Oxford College at Emory University 
  • Population: Undergraduate 
  • Call for Proposals: Early Fall Semester
  • Conference Date: November 
  • Interdisciplinary Conference
  • Location: Host institution 


2024 GURC Website

Georgia Academy of Science Annual Meeting
  • Hosted by the Georgia Academy of Science
  • Population: Professional conference
  • Application for program: Fall semester
  • Conference date: March 
  • Interdisciplinary Science Conference: biological sciences, chemistry, earth & atmospheric sciences, physics/math/computer science/engineering/technology, biomedical sciences, philosophy & history of science, science education, anthropology, and psychological sciences 
  • Location: Host institution
    • 2024: Kennesaw State University


Georgia academy of science website

Posters at the Georgia State Capital
  • Hosted by the Georgia Undergraduate Research Council
  • Population: Undergraduate (invitation only through CURS Office)
  • Invitation to participate: Early Spring semester
  • Presentation date: February 
  • Interdisciplinary presentation 
  • Location: Georgia State Capital, Atlanta

Annual Undergraduate Conferences Across the Country

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
  • Hosted by the Council on Undergraduate Research
  • Population: Undergraduate 
  • Call for Proposals: September
  • Conference Date: March/April
  • Interdisciplinary Conference
  • Location: Varies
    • 2024: California State University, Long Beach


NCUR Conference Website

Natinoal Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Conference
  • Hosted by the National Collegiate Honors Concil
  • Population: Undergraduate (must be an honor's student)
  • Call for proposals: February 
  • Conference Date: October/November
  • Interdisciplinary Honors Conference
  • Location: Varies
    • 2024: Kansas City


NCHC Conference Website