FACSCalibur Start-up

  1. Turn on the cytometer (green rectangular button on the side of the instrument).
  2. Turn on the Mac FACStation computer.
  3. Using the designated 2 liter bottle and funnel available in the Core Lab, fill the sheath tank and verify that the sheath tank cap is tight.
  4. Empty the waste tank (if it has not already been emptied), pour several 100ml of full strength bleach into the emptied tank and replace it on the FACSCalibur .


FACSCalibur End-of-Run Procedure

  1. Install the designated 12 X 75mm polystyrene Falcon tube approximately 2/3 full of 10% bleach on the sample injection port (SIP).
  2. Leave the support arm to the side for 1 minute.
  3. After 1 minute, place the support arm under the tube, make sure the cytometer is in “HI” “RUN” and let the bleach run for 5 minutes.
  4. After the 5 minutes, repeat steps 1-3 above using distilled water.
  5. Leave a tube containing NO MORE THAN 1 ML distilled water on the SIP with the support arm under the tube.
  6. Set the FACSCalibur to the standby mode on low and let sit it ~ 5 minutes.  If you ran samples containing formalin or paraformaldehyde please follow the posted instructions for waste decontamination.  (If someone is waiting to use the machine immediately after you, then log off of the computer and stop here.)
  7. Shut down the Mac FACStation.
  8. Turn off the FACSCalibur (after it has had ~ 5 minutes to sit after putting it in standby in step 6. above).
  9. Refill the sheath and dispose of waste fluid (if not already in the decontamination receptacle).