A key skill needed for computing professionals in today’s digitally-empowered society is the ability to solve problems, and solve them effectively and cooperatively. Information systems today are increasingly complex, and construction of such systems requires closely-knit teams of professionals. Indeed, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate, and it is invariably the case that diverse teams develop more creative solutions, working together!

We agree with President Keel when he says, “Augusta University’s greatest strength can be found in our people – a diverse, dynamic and vibrant community.” We are proud of our incredible community of faculty, staff and students who are gracious with the broad intellect, skills, and the desire to pursue knowledge they collectively bring to our school!

Diversity and inclusion have always been important to our school, and this is not only because it is right, it is also because our nation experiences a shortage of highly qualified computing professionals. We want all of you who are interested in computing to know that we need you, that we will do our best in providing excellent education to you, and help launch you on your successful careers.

Since our school’s beginning, we have been a strong advocate for gender equity and diversity in STEM fields. Our Girls Who Code program aims to increase diversity, and the number of women, in the cyber field. Recently we also formed a partnership with the Girl Scouts. And last fall we signed an agreement with Clark Atlanta University, establishing research and education partnership, and aiming to provide a path for their students to earn engineering and graduate degrees from our school. Not everything is perfect in our society, but we aim to make it better. You all must know that in our—and your—school there is no place for any racial, ethnic, or gender injustice.

Along with the leadership of Augusta University, we condemn any form of bigotry and racism that flies in the face of our university’s values of collegiality, compassion, and inclusivity.

If you have ideas on how we can promote and support diversity and inclusivity in our school, please let us know! Our school fosters an environment that is welcoming to all of our faculty, staff and students.

In closing, it is our hope that all members of the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences community and JagNation as a whole feel valued, welcomed and respected when they come to our campus to pursue their education or profession. When we stand united as a team we can effectively work together to create a better future for everyone in our community.

Augusta University President Brooks A. Keel delivers message about diversity, equity and inclusion

Augusta University President Brooks A. Keel, PhD, shares the personal message that “It’s now time for action.” It’s time for us to act first by coming together with a shared commitment and determination to do the things we all know we need to do to make our university the place where all students, faculty and staff feel welcome, included and are given equal opportunities to thrive. We can do better. We must do better. And we will do better.