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The Computer Science Colloquium Series became a course in January 2019, offering students an hour credit to learn more about research topics in the Computer and Cyber Sciences from leading researchers in these fields. All presentations will be held online during the Spring 2021 semester. For more information about this course or if you are a guest outside of Augusta University wishing to tune in to a presentation, please contact Dr. Harley Eades.

In case you missed a presentation from the Fall 2020 colloquium series, you can view previous presentations here.

In case you missed it:

February 12, 2021: View "Relational Programming in miniKanren: Program Synthesis, Treating Rare Diseases and more!" from Dr. William Byrd

February 26, 2021: View "Skew X categories and structural proof theory" from Dr. Tarmo Uustalu

Spring 2021 colloquium

Coming this week to the Colloquium Series

March 5, 2021, 2-3 pm - Boston University Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Marco Gaboardi, "Coupled Relational Symbolic Execution" Tune in via YouTube

Abstract: Symbolic execution is a classic technique used for testing, counterexample generation and to prove absence of bugs. Here we will present an extension of symbolic execution to support these tasks specifically for probabilistic relational properties, that is properties expressed in terms of two runs of a probabilistic program. Our technique leverages two ideas: relational reasoning and probabilistic coupling. These ideas have been used for formal verification using program logics and type systems. We show here how they can also be smoothly integrated with symbolic execution in order to support verification and finding violations to probabilistic relational properties. To guide our development and presentation, we will focus on differential privacy, an important example of probabilistic relational property which has been studied extensively in recent work.

The talk will be based on joint work with Gian Pietro Farina (as part of his PhD at the University at Buffalo, SUNY) and Stephen Chong (Harvard University).


coming next week to the colloquium series:

March 12, 2021: TBA

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