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The Computer Science Colloquium Series became a course in January 2019, offering students an hour credit to learn more about research topics in the Computer and Cyber Sciences from leading researchers in these fields. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all presentations will be held online for the Fall 2020 semester. For more information about this course or if you are a guest outside of Augusta University wishing to tune in to a presentation, please contact Dr. Harley Eades.

In case you missed a previous colloquium speaker presentation, or want to watch a presentation again from the Fall 2020 Colloquium series, you can view previous presentations here.

in case you missed it:

November 6, 2020: University of Iowa Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Omar Chowdhury - "On Adversarial Testing of Cellular Network Protocols"

View Dr. Chowdhury's Presentation

November 13, 2020: University of St. Andrews Computer Science Lecturer, Dr. Edwin Brady - "Dependent Type Driven Program Synthesis"

View Dr. Brady's Presentation

Coming soon to the Computer Science Colloquium:

November 20, 2020: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Chancellor's Fellow, Dr. Robert Atkey - "Resource Constrained Programming with Full Dependent Types"

Abstract: I will talk about a system that combines Dependent Types and Linear Types. As an application of this system, I will show how to transport Martin Hofmann’s LFPL and Amortised Resource analysis systems for linear and polynomial time computation to full dependent types. This results in a system where unconstrained computations are permitted at the type level, but only polynominal time computations are permitted at the term level. The combined system now allows one to explore the world of propositions whose proofs are not only constructive, but also of restricted complexity.

About Dr. Atkey: Bob Atkey is a Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Before this position, he did a PhD and postdoc at the University of Edinburgh, and worked for a spin-out company on static analysis of concurrent Java programs.

NO Colloquium Presentation November 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Our final colloquium presentation will be on Friday, December 4 with Derek Dreyer. Save the date!

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