Mission Statement

The goal of the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences is to enhance and expand Augusta University’s computer science, information technology and cyber security programs.

The School of Computer and Cyber Sciences expands on the work done by the Augusta University Cyber Institute in three core areas:

  • Cyber Operations
    Cyber Operations is a deeply technical, interdisciplinary, higher education program firmly grounded in computer science (computer and electrical engineering) that leverages the human element. Cyber Defense is a subset of Cyber Operations.
  • Health Security
    Health Security applies cyber defense, health I.T., cyber operations, and data science to healthcare settings, EMR privacy and security, and medical device security.
  • Data Science
    Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that provides insights and extracts knowledge from large data sets that support cyber activities, healthcare and research.

The mission of Augusta University’s School of Computer and Cyber Sciences is to provide high-engagement, state-of-the-art technology education and research across its computer science, information technology and cyber security disciplines.

Vision Statement

We believe the future starts here at the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences.  Interface daily with industry, state, and federal government experts as you earn an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or pursue one of our academic certification pathways.

Our faculty and students are innovative thinkers who stand ready to improve the future of our society and world.

The future of the computer and cyber science workforce requires a new skill set and learning experience.  Join us as we help define the future computer and cyber science workforce development and education pathways that make a difference and help protect our nation.


While cyber security might be a new buzz word in today’s society, Computer Science and Information Technology have deep roots in the history of Augusta University.

In the 1970’s, the former Augusta College initiated a Bachelor’s of Science degree program in Computer Science through the College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Business also founded their Management Information Systems degree program.

In 2012, the Hull College of Business welcomed the Computer Science degree program to its program offerings. Hull College’s curriculum greatly expanded to provide a cutting-edge experience in the Computer and Information Sciences, upon the creation of the Information Technology degree, which Hull added to its program offerings in the following year.

In 2013, the United States Army made the announcement of the Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) move to Fort Gordon, Georgia from Fort Meade, Maryland. Along with this announcement from the Army, the former Georgia Regents University begins offering a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology degree and Cyber Defender/Advanced Cyber Defender Certificates.

In 2015, Augusta University’s Cyber Institute was founded to bring together academia, industry and government to address cybersecurity education, research and workforce development needs. Joanne Sexton, a former U.S. Navy Information Technology expert and director of the Cyber Education Initiative at Augusta University, was appointed director of the Institute. Learn more about the Cyber Institute at Augusta University.

In an effort to expand and further enhance the university’s computer science, information technology, and cyber security programs, Augusta University President Brooks Keel announced the founding of the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences in June 2017.

“The School of Computer and Cyber Sciences fulfills our commitment to our students, our community and our nation by positioning us to better prepare our graduates for the  cyber workforce and provide our community and country with skilled cyber workers” says President Keel.

The School of Computer and Cyber Sciences is Augusta University’s 10th college or school. The school's headquarters are located in the new Georgia Cyber Center for Innovation and Training, Augusta University’s Riverfront Campus in Downtown Augusta. Apply Now to make history with us at this new campus!