DoD Cyber Security Scholarship Program

The Department of Defense's (DoD) Cyber Security Scholarship Program (CySP) is open to Augusta University students enrolled in the 3rd or 4th year of undergraduate education, and current or prospective students in AU's Masters program. The purpose of the program is to increase the number of qualified students entering the fields of information assurance, information technology, and cybersecurity to meet the DoD's increasing dependence on cybersecurity for war fighting and the security of its information infrastructure.

As of the announcement of the 2018 scholarship award, 11 students from the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences have been awarded this prestigious scholarship. Augusta University students received nearly 20% of the scholarships awarded for the 2018 application period.


  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States at the time of application. Note, if family members are not U.S. Citizens, some DoD Agencies may be unable to process the applicant (student) to the security clearance level required. Every effort will be made to assign eligible students at an Agency without such restrictions.
  • You must be enrolled (or accepted for enrollment) in one of the identified CAE colleges or universities listed in this announcement, or enrolled (or accepted for enrollment) at an institution selected by a CAE as a collaborative partner for these purposes.
  • You must have completed (or by August 2019 will have completed) at a minimum the first two years of an undergraduate degree program and be eligible to (a) begin either the third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree program in cybersecurity; or (b) begin the first or second year of a Master's degree program in Information Security Management. You must be pursuing a course of study and/or have a declared major in one of the scientific, technical, or managerial disciplines related to cybersecurity or with a concentration in cybersecurity
  • Undergraduate students must be registered and maintain a full-time course-load.


  • All books, tuition, and fees are paid by the scholarship
  • Internship requirements provide hands on experience
  • Stipend for undergraduates: $25,000
  • Stipend for graduate students $30,000
  • Disabled students may receive additional allowances. There are no allowances for dependents.


Please submit the required documents to, Subject Line: CySP Application 2019-20

Please thoroughly read and review the Application Background and Requirements. For additional information regarding the DoD CySP, please contact Markus Bacha at (Subject line: DoD CySP) or by calling 706.729.2372.

**APPLICATIONS DUE January 31**  

AFCEA Cyber Security Scholarship

The AFCEA Educational Foundation is offering scholarships of $5,000 to students actively pursuing an undergraduate degree in Cyber Security, Computer Science, Digital Forensics, Information Technology or a related field.

In addition to the basic online application, there are two short answer questions that applicants must answer:

- Please provide a brief synopsis of your current academic program including degree requirements, anticipated graduation date and why you chose the program. 

- Please provide a personal statement outlining your career goals and explain how they will contribute to the American work force in the areas related to STEM, defense, communications, information technology, national security and/or information systems and the mission of AFCEA.

Additional Required Documents needed to apply:
  • A current official transcript issued by the school Registrar's Office
  • Minimum of two letters of recommendation required from faculty members in the applicant's major of study


Instructions for electronic submission of the recommendation letters will be provided to the endorsers automatically as part of the on-line application process - please do not mail separately.  Letters of Recommendation are not accepted from applicants.  If the endorser does not receive the email, letters can be emailed to

Letters will be addressed to:
Amanda Goehring
AFCEA Educational Foundation
4400 Fair Lakes Court
Fairfax, VA 22033

*Deadline to apply is April 12*