Capture the flag students

The Cybersecurity curriculum provides students with a broad foundation of technical abilities and understanding. 

Adding a Cybersecurity program arms students with specific, core skills needed to be successful in cybersecurity positions (e.g. network defense monitoring, penetration testing, incident responder). 

This degree has been designated by the National Security Agency (NSA) & Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as meeting their specifications for cyber defense education. 

The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree program began in 2019. This program was previously referred to a BS in Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity.



Career Opportunities

The field of cybersecurity is one of increasing importance to governments and enterprises around the world. Demand for individuals with expertise in this area will continue to grow as society’s dependence on information systems grows and society’s enemies become ever more adept at bypassing information security measures.