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Academic Advisors are here to help students through various academic processes, such as next term advisement and registration. Students are encouraged to come to their advising appointment as prepared as possible. Being prepared allows you and your advisor to make the most of the designated time you have with one another. It is important that you take responsibility of your academic progress and create a strategy for success with your Academic Advisor.

Our Advisors

Here are some tips for preparing for an advisement appointment:

  • Keep an updated copy of your academic program’s track sheet and program map to bring to your advisement appointment. Students may request a program track sheet from their Academic Advisor.
  • Review your JagTrax degree audit to ensure there are no discrepancies with your credits and how they are satisfying requirements for your degree.
  • Anticipate building a balanced schedule with a target of 15-16 credit hours each term. Note: this may not be possible for students with large loads of advanced placement, dual enrollment or transfer credit.
  • Write down questions that you wish to address with your Advisor during your advising appointment.

Here are some tips for what to do after an advisement appointment:

  • Review the course suggestions that you and your advisor discussed. If you have questions or would like to make changes, contact your Advisor prior to your registration date.
  • Ensure that you know when your registration date is. To view your registration date:
    • Log into POUNCE.
    • Click “Student.”
    • Click “Registration.”
    • Click “Registration Status.”
  • Resolve any holds you may have that would prevent your registration. Holds Information can be found on the Registrar’s website under the “Students” tab at the top.
  • Create your schedule in Schedule Planner. This should be done BEFORE your registration day.
    • You should compare the information shown in Schedule Planner with what is reflected in the Schedule of Classes.
    • The Schedule of Classes is extremely helpful in determining course restrictions and seat availability.
    • Pay special attention to the location of your classes. Undergraduate courses are offered on both the Summerville and Health Sciences campuses.
  • Utilize the Registration Steps to help you through the scheduling and registration process.
  • When in doubt, contact your Advisor as soon as you encounter problems either with scheduling or registering.