Continuing students advised in the Academic Advisement Center are required to meet with their Academic Advisor for formal advising at least once each semester.

Students may notice an “Academic Advisement Advisee” hold on their account. This hold is placed on the account of every student advised through the Academic Advisement Center. It is solely for identification purposes and indicates that you are a student advised in our center. The hold does not block your registration; however, if you attempt to register without meeting with your advisor first, you will have no course options to schedule and thus, will not be permitted to register. There is nothing you need to do to clear the hold. Once you reach 60 completed credit hours, the hold will be removed and you will go to your major department for academic advisement. For students in pre-admit programs, you must be accepted into the program before we can remove the hold.

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Generally, continuing students are advised ...

  • For the Summer/Fall semester just after MLK day in January
  • For the Spring semester just after Labor day in September


Students will receive an email from their Academic Advisor to their email address with instructions and an appointment scheduling link to schedule an appointment for next term advisement.

Note: Students advised in academic departments (60+ credit hours with the exception of pre-admit programs) will receive communication from their major department about the next term advisement process and schedule.

Once a student has been advised, courses will be added to the students' plan in JagTrax. The student will then have access to create a schedule in Schedule Planner. After creating a schedule in Schedule Planner, the student can send their preferred schedule to the Schedule Planner Shopping Cart where it will be saved until registration day. Keep in mind, sending a schedule to the shopping cart does not guarantee you a seat in any of the saved courses. On registration day, you will be able to submit your saved schedule for registration; however, you may need to make adjustments based on course and seat availability at the time of your registration.

Instructions for creating your schedule, registering, making adjustments and wait listing are listed below under "Registration Steps for Academic Advisement Students."