CON Scholarship Opportunities

The Widow's Home Nursing Student Toolbox Scholarship

Established in 2009, the Widow's Home Nursing Student Toolbox Scholarship assists students in overcoming economic hardships that might prevent completion of the program of study. The funds are available year-round to females, who legally and officially reside in Georgia, with preference given to those who live in Richmond or Columbia Counties, enrolled full-time in the pre-licensure nursing programs (BSN and CNL) and currently attending classes on the Augusta campus.

The amount of each award will be determined by a faculty committee. Applicants may only receive an award once a semester. Examples of hardships include, but are not limited to: uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies, emergent or critical personal needs related to extenuating circumstances.

All requests and applications will remain confidential.


Please fill out the  Widows Home Application  and email it to           

  • introduction of yourself,
  • a description of the extenuating circumstance(s),
  • why you deserve the award,
  • the approximate cost of the item(s) needed (be very detailed), and


CON Office of Student Affairs