We welcome you to the College of Nursing and commend you on your choice of profession. Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral prepared Registered Nurses are vital members of the health care team and are given the responsibilities of serving society and assisting patients during times of illness or injury. We will do all we can to provide you with the best education and training possible. However, you must take an active role in your education to learn the foundational theories and skills in order to prepare yourself for the responsibilities that lie ahead of you. Your interest, motivation, and dedication to this profession will bring many rewards as you complete your educational program and move into your new role with the health care team. We wish you success as you pursue your course of study!

As a professional student, you are responsible for following the Academic Regulations, Augusta University and College of Nursing Policies, and Program Specific Guides as outlined below. Students are expected to be knowledgeable about the regulations, policies, and program guides. If there are any questions, students are expected to seek clarification from the Program Director and/or the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. Any violation of the policies and regulations is prohibited and may result in academic dismissal.

While the provisions below are as accurate and complete as possible, Augusta University, the College of Nursing, and The Graduate School reserve the right to change any provision herein without notice if circumstances so warrant. Every effort will be made to keep students advised of such changes. However, it is the responsibility of each student to know what changes have been made and to successfully adhere and meet the policies to successfully complete the requirements of the program.


Policy 1.0 Academic Eligibility and Progression Standards
Policy 1.0a BSN Academic Eligibility and Progression Standards
Policy 1.0b CNL Academic Eligibility and Progression Standards
Policy 1.0c Nurse Anesthesia Academic Eligibility and Progression Standards
Policy 1.0d Certificate Academic Eligibility and Progression Standards
Policy 1.0e DNP Academic Eligibility and Progression Standards
Policy 1.0f PhD Academic Eligibility and Progression Standards
Policy 2.0 Academic Conduct
Policy 3.0 Academic Dismissal
Policy 4.0 Academic Probation and Suspension
Policy 5.0 Academic Standards Committee
Policy 6.0 Additional Expenses
Policy 7.0 Assignment Policy
Policy 8.0 Attendance Policy
Policy 9.0 Blood & Body Fluid Exposure
Policy 10.0 Cell Phone Policy
Policy 11.0 Change in Health Status
Policy 12.0 Children and Animals in Class, Lab, Simulation and Clinical
Policy 13.0 Clinical Absence
Policy 14.0 Clinical Agency Requirements
Policy 15.0 Clinical Code of Conduct
Policy 16.0 Clinical Evaluation
Policy 17.0 Clinical Occurrence Policy
Policy 18.0 Clinical Rotations
Policy 19.0 Communication with Faculty and via Email
Policy 20.0 Counseling Services
Policy 21.0 Course Evaluations
Policy 22.0 Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen
Policy 23.0 Criminal Conviction Disclosure
Policy 24.0 Curriculum Changes
Policy 25.0 Disability Services
Policy 26.0 Diversity and Inclusion - Our Commitment
Policy 27.0 Dress Code and Personal Hygiene
Policy 28.0 Essential Functions for Safe Nursing Practice
Policy 28.0a Email Etiquette
Policy 29.0 Ethics and Confidentiality
Policy 30.0 Examination Guidelines
Policy 31.0 Examination Review
Policy 32.0 Faculty Advisor
Policy 33.0 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Policy 34.0 Grade Appeal
Policy 35.0 Grading Policy
Policy 36.0 Graduation, Hooding, Pinning, Commencement
Policy 37.0 Harassment
Policy 38.0 Inclement Weather Guidelines
Policy 38.0a  Athens Inclement Weather Policy
Policy 39.0 Laptop Policy
Policy 40.0 Leave of Absence and Unanticipated Time Off
Policy 41.0 Maternity Leave
Policy 42.0 Mathematical Competency
Policy 43.0 Medication Administration
Policy 44.0 Midterm Warning
Policy 45.0 Off Track/Out of Sequence Students
Policy 46.0 Possession of Weapons
Policy 47.0 Professional Behavior and Values
Policy 48.0 Professional Citations
Policy 49.0 Professional Warning
Policy 49.0a Professional Warning Form
Policy 50.0 Public Safety 
Policy 51.0 Religious Observances
Policy 52.0 Sigma Theta Tau International
Policy 53.0 Social Media
Policy 54.0 Student Applied Learning Agreement
Policy 55.0 Student Complaints
Policy 56.0 Student Concerns Regarding Educational Experiences
Policy 57.0 Student Employment
Policy 58.0 Student Identification
Policy 59.0 Student Organizations
Policy 60.0 Student Representation on Faculty Committees
Policy 61.0 Student Success Program for Pre-Licensure Students
Policy 62.0 Technology Etiquette
Policy 63.0 Tobacco-Free Campus
Policy 64.0 Transfer Credits
Policy 65.0 Vacation
Policy 66.0 Withdrawal from the CON