The AU Nursing Associates, Inc. (AUNA) provides a dynamic environment for talented clinicians, leaders, and educators to provide a broad range of services in a variety of acute care and community-based, multi-professional health care delivery models. These services improve population health through access to prevention, early intervention, disease management and referrals.


To be a cornerstone for independent nurse managed practices with comprehensive clinical services, state of the science information technology, and infrastructure support.


The idea of establishing a College of Nursing faculty practice group began in the early 1980's, and the first plan was approved by the College of Nursing General Faculty in the mid-eighties but did not sustain itself. When Dr. Lucy Marion became the Dean in 2004, she immediately began building a team to effectively establish and implement a faculty practice plan with a commitment to support practice as an essential component of the academic and research mission of Augusta University.

In October, 2005, the AUNA was recognized as a Cooperative Organization by the University System's Board of Regents, and College of Nursing faculty approved the Faculty Practice Plan and Bylaws in December of the same year. The AUNA was officially launched February 15, 2006 with over 50 members (all full-time College of Nursing faculty). The AUNA is a 501(C)3 that has negotiated and implemented numerous faculty practice contracts for faculty practice activities. College of Nursing faculty members currently practice in the private sector and in community agencies as anesthesia providers, and as consultants in organizations that require specialized expertise in specific areas.