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Episode 15: AI in Higher Ed with David Joyner, PhD

March 20, 2024

David Joyner

Should I discuss AI with my students? How can I benefit from using AI?

In this episode, David Joyner, PhD, joins us to explore how AI is transforming education, for students and educators. ChatGPT generated significant discussion when it launched in November 2022. Now, with more than a year of growing in understanding about generative AI, we are discovering what changes are necessary in the classroom.

Joyner provides valuable insights from his research and classroom experiences, addressing educators seeking basic knowledge about ChatGPT and those aiming to deepen their understanding of generative AI. Educators aren't the only ones adapting to technologies like ChatGPT; students are also adjusting. This technology holds the potential to facilitate faster learning and improvement in targeted areas. However, it may require adjustments to assessments to maintain the desired level of rigor in evaluating student mastery of the material.

We also discuss Joyner’s new publication, A Teacher’s Guide to Conversational AI, and the professional certificate program he developed, available on the edX online learning platform.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

If you are interested in learning more about David Joyner and his work, visit his website. To connect with him socially, visit his LinkedIn page. Joyner has also developed a professional certificate in ChatGPT for educators, available on the edX platform. If you are interested in learning more about his latest book, available April 2, visit the Books section of his website.



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Episode 14: Connecting Community Engagement with the Classroom

February 21, 2024 

Are you a faculty member looking to collaborate with community organizations? By working together, universities and community organizations can create mutually beneficial relationships that enrich the educational experience, address community needs, and contribute to positive societal outcomes.

Achieving the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification is one of the aspirational imperatives included in the Augusta University strategic plan. Pursuing this elective classification involves extensive work documenting how the university is partnering with the Augusta community.

On this episode, Tina Baggott, Associate Vice President for Volunteer Services & Community Engagement at Augusta University, discusses the pursuit for this classification. She discusses its importance for higher education, available resources for faculty, and more.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

For more information about how you can begin community partnerships that align with your course, visit the Volunteer Services & Community Engagement webpage.


Episode 13: Jenn and JoAnn’s 5 tips for starting the semester strong

January 17, 2024 

Every semester presents a mix of challenges and opportunities for both students and faculty. In this episode, Jenn Rose and JoAnn Edmond share five practical tips to help kickstart the semester on a strong note. 

We discuss the importance of crafting a learner-centered syllabus and getting a jumpstart on integrating tools within the Learning Management System (LMS). Our conversation also touches on strategies for giving timely and meaningful feedback, with a focus on utilizing LMS tools for scheduled course communications. 

Jenn and JoAnn highlight the usefulness of tools such as replace strings in personalizing messages for students, even when using a generic message for everyone. They also suggest considering the incorporation of rubrics in the LMS to clarify grading criteria and streamline the grading process. Rubrics can be used for assignments in online or face-to-face courses. 

Joining us in this episode are JoAnn Edmond, Director of Instructional Innovation, and Jenn Rose, a Faculty and Instructional Developer, both from the Center for Instructional Innovation at Augusta University. 


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