Administrative Posts/ Secondary (Joint) Appointments

Administrative Posts

Faculty may serve in an administrative capacity, which may not be considered their primary role within the institution.  In this case, this area of responsibility will be tracked as an additional title within the Administrative Posts panel of PeopleSoft HRMS (PSHRMS).  These roles are identified as either academic or administrative responsibility and included a begin and end date for reporting purposes.  Examples may include Regents' Professorships, Endowed or Named Titles, multiple administrative roles, etc..

Secondary (Joint) Appointments

Per Augusta University Policy 5.1.1 Faculty Appointment Policy, secondary (joint) appointments may be created at the time of initial appointment or throughout the employment of a faculty member.  They are created for those faculty who have a responsibility in or make a significant contribution to a program, department, or college that is not directly and explicitly included as part of the primary appointment.  Such appointments are made for definite contributions to the secondary unit and with the approval and guidance of the administrative head of the primary and secondary units.  Secondary (joint) appointments shall not be given as a courtesy.

The rank and title designations for all secondary appointments shall be made according to the process outlined in Augusta University Policy 5.1.1.

Secondary (joint) appointments to the Graduate School shall be made subsequent to a primary appointment in an appropriate discipline in one of the primary colleges.  The appointment to the Graduate School requires the recommendation of the Dean of the college of the primary appointment and the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School.  Since the graduate level academic activities of a faculty member with appointment in the Graduate School are within the faculty member's area of primary competence, faculty rank in the Graduate School should be the same as that held within the primary college.

Please refer to the Augusta University Promotion & Tenure Guidelines related to eligibility/requirements for promotion in a secondary (joint) appointment.


  1. For secondary (joint) appointments within one of the colleges, complete the Establish/Remove Administrative Post - Establish/Remove Joint Appointment form (the upper portion of the form is for administrative posts and the middle portion of the form is for joint appointments).  Attach supporting documentation such as the memorandum to the faculty member, signed by all parties, outlining the expectations of the administrative post and/or joint appointment.
  2. For secondary (joint) appointments within the Graduate School please contact the Office of the Dean directly at (706) 721-3278 for more information.