Every one of our biomedical PhD student is exceptional. They come from different backgrounds and different places, but they all have one ambition - to make the world a better place through scientific discovery, and they each have a story to tell. Meet our student ambassadors:

photo of Karina Aguilar

Karina Aguilar

  • Biochemistry and Cancer Biology
photo of Dominique Monroe

Dominique Monroe

  • Biochemistry and Cancer Biology
photo of Mahrima Parvin

Mahrima Parvin

  • Biochemistry and Cancer Biology
photo of Theresa Akoto

Theresa Akoto

  • Cell Biology and Anatomy
photo of Phylicia Allen

Phylicia Allen

  • Cell Biology and Anatomy
photo of Mohamed Hussein

Mohamed Hussein

  • Molecular Medicine
photo of Stepan Budkin

Stepan Budkin

  • Genomic Medicine
photo of Natalie Mseis-Jackson

Natalie Mseis-Jackson

  • Neuroscience
photo of Julie Vincent

Julie Vincent

  • Neuroscience
photo of Bidhan Bhandari

Bidhan Bhandari

  • Oral Biology & Maxillofacial Pathology
photo of Noah Watson

Noah Watson

  • Pharmacology
photo of Desmond Moronge

Desmond Moronge

  • Physiology
photo of Katie Ann Fopiano

Katie Ann Fopiano

  • Physiology
photo of Candee Barris

Candee Barris

  • Vascular Biology
photo of Jaser Doja

Jaser Doja

  • Vascular Biology

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