Key Highlights of the Program

  • State-of-the-art technology that enables students to perform research at the cutting edges of clinical and basic neuroscience.
  • Innovative clinical rotation opportunities to learn about neurologic disorders
  • Highly collaborative and dynamic training environment
  • Attend engaging neuroscience seminar series and journal clubs to learn the latest discoveries and meet world-class neuroscientists
  • Program alumni enjoy careers in academic research, industry, higher education, academic and private medicine, government, and science writing

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Patricia L. Cameron, PhD
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About the Program

The Neuroscience program combines resources in clinical and basic neuroscience to teach psychiatric and neurological diseases, developmental neurobiology, sensory, motor and regulatory systems, cognitive neuroscience, and cellular and molecular neuroscience.  Over 25 neuroscientists participate in the interdisciplinary graduate neuroscience program to provide  research opportunities including neurological diseases, learning and memory, synaptic plasticity, stem cell research, neuronal migration, neuronal regeneration, receptor trafficking, vision, neuroendocrinology, and drugs of abuse.

Students are prepared for careers in academia, government, biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry and more.  Graduates of the program have gone on to postdoctoral and faculty positions at prestigious universities such as the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, and Vanderbilt University.

We are proud of our students and invite more talented students to join our neuroscience community.


Lynette McCluskey, PhD  Program Director

"Neurologic diseases are becoming more prevalent as our population ages.  Our interdisciplinary faculty train students to perform cutting-edge fundamental and translational neuroscience research to meet such challenges.  Graduates enjoy careers in both traditional academic and non-traditional settings."    
Lynnette McCluskey, PhD 

Program Information

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Lynnette McCluskey, PhD
Program Director

Deenie Cerasuolo
Program Administrator 
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Student Profile | Molly Braun


Molly Braun

"My PI, Dr. Kris Dhandapani, has been an amazing mentor. He allows me the independence to figure things out on my own but is also always available to brainstorm, give me input, and provide guidance. I am interested in pursuing a career in academic research so my mentor and I often discuss the processes involved in securing funding, preparing and submitting grants, and how to go about designing experiments and planning projects." - Molly Braun 

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