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By joining the Medical and Dental Colleges of Georgia's biomedical community at Augusta University, you will choose an exciting path of training,  professional and career development.... and incredible possibilities for making a difference. 

Faculty in our Medical and Dental Colleges of Georgia will be your enthusiastic and committed mentors.  They are highly successful, nationally competitive and internationally recognized -  with substantial research funding.  As Biomedical Science graduate students, you will become part of a close and collaborative community of scholars, educators, researchers, clinician-scientists... and will develop life-long friends and colleagues.  

Why wait?  If you are an intellectually curious student committed to developing your talents for a life of discovery, leadership and service— then our Biomedical Sciences Programs are the fit for you 

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Biochemistry & Cancer Biology | Cellular Biology & Anatomy | Genomic Medicine | Molecular Medicine | Oral Biology and Maxillofacial Pathology | Neuroscience | Pharmacology | Physiology | Vascular Biology

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Biomed Virtual Grad Fair

Biomed Virtual Grad School Fair Oct 28, 2020

Join us October 28th at the Virtual Biomed Grad School Fair.  We will be there to answer your questions and to tell you about our biomed program from 10am - 4pm.
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Welcome Aboard Dr. Jennifer Sullivan


Jennifer Sullivan

Meet our new Interim Dean, Jennifer Sullivan, PhD FAHA. Learn about her commitment to graduate education.

Evans GA named the #1 Best Place to Live in America

A thumbnail of video has name Evans, GA as the number #1 place to live in America. Learn more about it. 

Biomedical Science News

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Hamrick named MCG’s senior associate dean for research

Dr. Mark Hamrick, bone and muscle biologist, federally funded investigator and honored educator and scientist, has been named senior associate dean for research at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.

doctor in lab

Finding its way to the top: How a cell surface receptor reaches its destination

Dr. Guangyu Wu is dissecting the molecular homing that enables a nascent protein to ultimately find its way to the surface of a cell as a mature receptor type that helps us taste, smell and even regulate our mood and immunity.

Doctors in lab

Senescent cells may be good when it comes to a bad injury

It’s called senescence, when stressed cells can no longer divide to make new cells, and it’s considered a factor in aging and in some diseases. Now scientists have some of the first evidence that at a younger age at least, senescent cells show up quickly after a major injury and are protective.

Doctors in lab

Diabetes dramatically reduces the kidney’s ability to clean itself

The kidneys often become bulky and dysfunctional in diabetes, and now scientists have found that one path to this damage dramatically reduces the kidney’s ability to clean up after itself.

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