Computing devices, whether they be an individual work station or embedded as a part of another system, may have vulnerabilities that lead to the compromise of data. Our research group focuses on developing methods and process for detecting, improving, and protecting systems from compromise. This encompasses a broad range of topics, such as investigating the causes of compromise, developing new communications protocols, and finding techniques to integrate security across hardware, software, and network interfaces.

Research areas of interest include:

  • System security across networked, cloud-based, embedded and Internet of Things devices
  • Cryptography and quantum cryptography
  • Host, network, and device security

Affiliated Faculty

photo of Michael Nowatkowski

Michael Nowatkowski

  • Head of Cyber Program of Study and Associate Professor
  • mnowatkowski@augusta.edu
photo of Hoda Maleki

Hoda Maleki

  • Assistant Professor
  • hmaleki@augusta.edu
photo of Gokila Dorai

Gokila Dorai

  • Assistant Professor
  • gdorai@augusta.edu
photo of Reza Rahaeimehr

Reza Rahaeimehr

  • Assistant Professor
  • rrahaeimehr@augusta.edu
photo of Nisha Panwar

Nisha Panwar

  • Assistant Professor
  • npanwar@augusta.edu
photo of Ahmed Aleroud

Ahmed Aleroud

  • Associate Professor
  • aaleroud@augusta.edu
photo of James N. Smith

James N. Smith

  • Assistant Professor
  • jasmith8@augusta.edu
photo of Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris

  • Assistant Professor
  • jefmorris@augusta.edu
photo of Gagan Agrawal

Gagan Agrawal

  • Professor; Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Education
  • gagrawal@augusta.edu
photo of Zi Wang

Zi Wang

  • Assistant Professor
  • zwang1@augusta.edu
photo of Mohsen Jozani

Mohsen Jozani

  • Assistant Professor
  • mjozani@augusta.edu
photo of Jason Williams

Jason Williams

  • Assistant Professor
  • jwilliams45@augusta.edu

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