Dr. Martha TingenMartha S. Tingen, PhD, RN, FAAN

Dr. Martha Tingen is a bio-behavioral nurse researcher whose focus is on primary and secondary prevention. As a young nurse, she provided care to critically ill patients who often suffered from illnesses and disease that were largely contributable to poor behavioral health choices at an early age. Her efforts are largely on populations, are community focused and address health disparities, particularly among African-American families. Her research focuses on substance abuse, including tobacco, opioids and prescription drug abuse. Cancer prevention and early detection are a large part of her research. Dr. Tingen is professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences, Georgia Prevention Institute and Medical College of Georgia. She is also the director of Tobacco Control at the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University and the research director for the Children’s Research Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

She was appointed to and serves as a member of the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) Minority/Underserved (M/U) Cancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR) Coordinating Committee.


NCORP Badge 2020