About Georgia CaRES

What types of clinical trials are available?

Georgia CaRES helps make available clinical trials for every type of cancer in both children and adults. Along with pharmacological trials offering the latest drug therapies, one-quarter of the Georgia CaRES trials focus on health care delivery. These trials examine how to improve cancer prevention, screening and symptom management, among other goals.

What are the benefits to Georgians?

Thanks to clinical trials, patients have access to treatments that may be better than the current standard of care. In most parts of the United States, these types of treatments may only be offered at large cancer centers, but Georgia CaRES ensures these innovative care options are available right here in our state at community health centers, which are where the majority of cancer patients seek care.

It’s also important to realize that typically, minority patients make up only 5 percent of those enrolled in clinical trials. Thanks to Georgia CaRES, the minority accrual rate of its partnership network—which covers two-thirds of the state—is 45 percent. This means that more patients who need these treatments are able to benefit.

As a result, Georgia CaRES is overcoming historic barriers that have stood in the way of minority and underserved cancer patients by opening up new opportunities to participate in clinical trials and other important cancer research.