Beginner training is a fundamental piece to updating your department's pages.

Please wait for your training instructor to log in.

Our Content Management System (CMS), OU Campus, makes it easy to update your pages. With a few clicks, you can make the changes you need and watch them go live on the university site!

Before we begin our tutorial, let's learn and discuss the best practices for writing and editing content for Higher Ed web. (Note, our website strives to follow AP Style guidelines.)

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How to Log In

Wait for your instructor.

  1. Click the copyright symbol © at the bottom of the page.  
  2. This will take you to the OU Campus Login screen.
  3. Enter Username: <network ID>
    Enter Password: <network Password>

    Remember your password is tied to the network. 

    To update your password, go to the ITS change password page.

Review Best Practices

For a quick refresher: 

Study and implement
our web standards to ensure the best user experience.

Topics We Will Cover Today


 Know your audience before making or editing content.

Logging In

 Log in to OU Campus with a few clicks.

Check In/Out Pages

 Use the light bulb buttons to lock a page for your edits.

Navigating OU Campus

 So many buttons! So little time. Learn even more in our Intermediate course.

Page Properties

 What's going on behind the scenes? Important vocabulary terms!

Editing a Page

 Let's edit text together!

Inserting & Editing Links

Discover the different types of links in OU Campus.

How to Edit the Menu

Watch me demonstrate how to edit the navigation, list of main links, shown on each page. 


 Don't forget our Image Guidelines (1 MB is key).

How to Publish

 Let's make our changes go live! Please get the proper approvals before making major changes to your department pages.

How to Revert

 Let's go back to a previous version of our page.

Pages & Files

Each trainee will be given a training page number. During the training, please only check out that page. After training, you may check out and edit any training page in the Beginner directory.

Training Page 1


This is your Instructor's training page. Please do not check this page out for editing.

Training Page 2 - 22


One of these will be assigned to you. Please wait for your number.

Heading Item


This is where you can edit the menu on all of the pages in your current directory. Your training instructor will demonstrate how to edit and publish it.

New info for training!

Upcoming Web Training Courses

Need something to print out?

All of the information covered in our training today is also provided in this document.

Beginner Course Overview [PDF]