Roles & Responsibilities Matrix

Funding Identification X     X  
Review of Sponsor's Guidelines X X   X  
Proposal Development X        
Budget Development X X      
Human/Animal Subject Material Development/Submission X        
Grant Submission Material Review X X X X  
Contract Submission Material Review X X X X  
Contract Review X     X X
Confidentiality Agreement Review X       X
Confidentiality Agreement Approval/Signature X     X X
Confidentiality Agreement Institutional Signature       X  
Institutional Signatory
AURI       X  
Augusta University (DETERMINED BY LEGAL)
Mail Grant Materials to Sponsor X        
Mail Contract Materials to Sponsor       X  
Receive Award Notice       X  
Set up Award/Account       X  
Monitor Spending X X   X  
Approve Rebudgeting, Cost Transfers       X  
Report Personnel Effort X        
Monitor and Track Effort Reporting X X X X  
Liaison with Sponsor       X  
Closeout X X   X  
Technical Reports to Sponsor X        
Financial Reports to Sponsor       X  
Residual Account
Request X X      
Review/Approval   X X X  
Establishment       X  
Responsible for Compliance X X X X X
Develop/Negotiate Federal F&A Rate       X