The Music Conservatory at Augusta University is a music school for the community.

The Augusta University Conservatory Program offers private instruction for many instruments. Our instructors include Augusta University faculty members as well as other local professional musicians. Reach out to learn more about them.

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Piano Instructors

photo of David Brown

David Brown

  • Piano
photo of Justin Hornsby

Justin Hornsby

  • Piano
photo of Jolene Long

Jolene Long

  • Piano

Guitar Instructors

photo of Matthew Whittington

Matthew Whittington

  • Guitar

Voice Instructors

photo of Brandon Ball

Brandon Ball

  • Voice
photo of Natasha Choe

Natasha Choe

  • Voice
photo of Allison Jones

Allison Jones

  • Voice
photo of Melanie Larsen

Melanie Larsen

  • Voice

Violin & Viola Instructors

photo of Ryan Kho

Ryan Kho

  • Violin
photo of Dr. Pawel Kozak

Dr. Pawel Kozak

  • Violin & Viola
photo of Douglas Temples

Douglas Temples

  • Violin & Viola

Cello Instructors

photo of Christopher Connolly

Christopher Connolly

  • Cello
photo of Asjah Spann

Asjah Spann

  • Cello

Bass Instructors

Flute Instructors

photo of Gail Jarrell

Gail Jarrell

  • Flute

Oboe Instructors

Clarinet Instructors

photo of Robert Jarrell

Robert Jarrell

  • Clarinet

Saxophone Instructors

photo of Dr. Robert Foster

Dr. Robert Foster

  • Saxophone
photo of Robert Jarrell

Robert Jarrell

  • Saxophone

Bassoon Instructors

photo of Joy Hoffman

Joy Hoffman

  • Bassoon

Trumpet Instructors

photo of Todd Jenkins

Todd Jenkins

  • Trumpet

French Horn Instructors

photo of Dr. Joseph Johnson

Dr. Joseph Johnson

  • French Horn

Percussion Instructors

photo of Michael Katterjohn

Michael Katterjohn

  • Percussion
photo of Denis Petrunin

Denis Petrunin

  • Percussion

Trombone, Euphonium & Tuba Instructors

photo of Matthew Henderson

Matthew Henderson

  • Trombone, Euphonium & Tuba
photo of Heather Rhodes

Heather Rhodes

  • Trombone, Euphonium & Tuba

Your support paves the way for the future of young musicians.

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