photo of Michael W. Brands, PhD

Michael W. Brands, PhD

  • Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Regents’ Professor of Physiology


photo of Andria Thomas, PhD

Andria Thomas, PhD

  • Academic Affairs Administrator
  • Sr. Associate Dean, Evaluation, Accreditation, & CQI


photo of Sandra Bragg

Sandra Bragg

  • Administrative Assistant III



photo of Kelli Braun, MD

Kelli Braun, MD

  • Associate Dean for Admissions

Experiential Learning

photo of Matthew Lyon, MD

Matthew Lyon, MD

  • Associate Dean, Experiential Learning


photo of Shilpa Brown, MD

Shilpa Brown, MD

  • Associate Dean for Curriculum


photo of Chris Fly, MD

Chris Fly, MD

  • Assistant Dean, Associate Professor
  • Enrichment


photo of J. Ned Pruitt II, MD

J. Ned Pruitt II, MD

  • Assistant Dean, Professor
  • Clinical Integration


photo of Nicole Winston, EdD, PharmD

Nicole Winston, EdD, PharmD

  • Assistant Dean, Associate Professor
  • Foundations


photo of Wanda Jirau-Rosaly, MD

Wanda Jirau-Rosaly, MD

  • Assistant Dean, Associate Professor
  • Advanced Foundations

Evaluation, Accreditation & CQI

photo of Andria M. Thomas, PhD

Andria M. Thomas, PhD

  • Senior Associate Dean, Evaluation, Accreditation, & CQI
  • Professor, Medicine


Office #GB3329
photo of Ashley Saucier, MD

Ashley Saucier, MD

  • Assistant Dean, Evaluation, Accreditation & CQI
  • Associate Professor, Family Medicine


Office #GB3347


Faculty Development

photo of Michelle Krupp, EdD, MS

Michelle Krupp, EdD, MS

  • Associate Dean, Faculty Development
  • & Educational Research

Student Affairs

photo of Jennifer Tucker, MD

Jennifer Tucker, MD

  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
photo of Leila Stallworth, MD

Leila Stallworth, MD

  • Assistant Dean for Career Advising
photo of Lynne Coule, MD

Lynne Coule, MD

  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Pre-Clerkship Class Dean
photo of Tracy Casanova, PhD

Tracy Casanova, PhD

  • Assistant Dean, Learner Well-Being
photo of Eric Lewkowiez, MD

Eric Lewkowiez, MD

  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Clerkship Class Dean
photo of Christopher M. Watson, MD

Christopher M. Watson, MD

  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Enrichment Class Dean
photo of Lashon Sturgis, MD

Lashon Sturgis, MD

  • Assistant Dean for Academic Advising


Office of Belonging & Inclusivity

photo of Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy, MD

Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy, MD

  • Associate Dean of Belonging & Inclusivity


Regional Campuses

photo of Kathryn Martin, PhD, MPA

Kathryn Martin, PhD, MPA

  • Associate Dean for Regional Campuses
photo of Paul Brock, MD, FACS

Paul Brock, MD, FACS

  • Campus Associate Dean: Northwest
photo of Dixon Freeman, MD

Dixon Freeman, MD

  • Campus Assistant Dean, Northwest
photo of Douglas Patten, MD

Douglas Patten, MD

  • Campus Associate Dean: Southwest
photo of Koosh Desai, MD

Koosh Desai, MD

  • Campus Assistant Dean: Southwest
photo of Denise Kornegay

Denise Kornegay

  • Associate Dean and Executive Director of Georgia Statewide Area Health Education Centers

USG MD/ PhD Program

photo of David Stepp, PhD

David Stepp, PhD

  • Director, MD/PhD Program
photo of Lawrence Layman, MD

Lawrence Layman, MD

  • Co-director, MD/PhD Program