photo of D. Doug Miller, MD, CM, MBA

D. Doug Miller, MD, CM, MBA

  • Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
photo of Andria Thomas, PhD

Andria Thomas, PhD

  • Senior Associate Dean for Evaluation, Accreditation, and CQI


Position Open

  • Department Administrator 2

UME Programs

photo of Kelli Braun, MD

Kelli Braun, MD

  • Associate Dean for Admissions
photo of Matthew Lyon, MD

Matthew Lyon, MD

  • Associate Dean, Experiential Learning
photo of Marcel D'Eon, PhD

Marcel D'Eon, PhD

  • Director, Educational Innovation Institute
photo of Ralph Gillies, PhD

Ralph Gillies, PhD

  • Associate Dean for Faculty and Continuous Professional Development


photo of Renee Page, MD

Renee Page, MD

  • Associate Dean for Curriculum
photo of Shilpa Brown, MD, FACP

Shilpa Brown, MD, FACP

  • Assistant Dean For Curriculum: Clinical Integration
photo of Christopher Fly, MD

Christopher Fly, MD

  • Assistant Dean for Curriculum: Clinical Enrichment
photo of Carol Nichols, PhD

Carol Nichols, PhD

  • Assistant Dean for Curriculum: Foundations of Medicine
photo of Barbara Russell, EDD

Barbara Russell, EDD

  • Assistant Dean for Curriculum: Advanced Foundations of Medicine

GME Programs

photo of Michael Groves, MD

Michael Groves, MD

  • Associate Dean for GME/Associate DIO

Learner Affairs

photo of Nancy Havas, MD, FAAFP

Nancy Havas, MD, FAAFP

  • Associate Dean of Learner Affairs
photo of Greer Falls, MD

Greer Falls, MD

  • First & Second Year Class Associate Dean
photo of Eric Lewkowiez, MD

Eric Lewkowiez, MD

  • Third Year Class Associate Dean
photo of Jennifer Tucker, MD

Jennifer Tucker, MD

  • Assistant Dean for Career Advising, Fourth Year Class Dean
photo of Lashon Sturgis, MD

Lashon Sturgis, MD

  • Assistant Dean for Academic Advising


  • Assistant Dean Multicultural Affairs

UME-GME Learner Wellbeing


  • Senior Associate Dean for Learner Well-Being
photo of Kimberly Vess Loomer, EdD

Kimberly Vess Loomer, EdD

  • Associate Dean for Learner Well-Being

Regional Campuses

photo of Kathryn Martin, PhD, MPA

Kathryn Martin, PhD, MPA

  • Associate Dean for Regional Campuses
photo of Leonard Reeves, MD

Leonard Reeves, MD

  • Campus Associate Dean: Northwest
photo of T. Wayne Rentz, Jr., MD, FACS

T. Wayne Rentz, Jr., MD, FACS

  • Campus Associate Dean: Southeast
photo of Douglas Patten, MD

Douglas Patten, MD

  • Campus Associate Dean: Southwest

USG MD/ PhD Program

photo of Richard Cameron, PhD

Richard Cameron, PhD

  • Co-director, MD/PhD Program
photo of Lawrence Layman, MD

Lawrence Layman, MD

  • Co-director, MD/PhD Program