WebEx FAQs

  • Webex is a suite of online meeting tools that allow you to meet remotely using your computer and/or telephone. With Webex, you can connect using audio and video for a face-to-face meeting experience, plus share content with your participants.

    Webex Meeting Center is designed to replace meetings which are typically held around a conference room table. In a Meeting Center meeting, all participants have equal status and may speak in the meeting at anytime,as well as sharevideo, present and annotate documents, or share an application or their desktop. The Host does retain some control, such as the ability to mute individual participants, eject participants, and assign participant privileges, such as the ability to save or print shared documents locally.

    Webex Training Center is designed for distance learning and instruction. People are designated either as a Participant or a Panelist. Panelists can assist you, the Host, in managing your class and have the ability to speak and share content along with you. Participants may be broken into small groups, which opens up a new Training Center window, and you and any panelists may drop in to anybreakout session to see and hear what the students are working on together.

    Limitations: Webex Meetings are limited to 1000 participants.

    What is it used for:  This is a virtual meeting space.

    Who uses it:  Faculty and Staff may request Host accounts. 
    *students and external persons only use AU Webex as participants.

    1. Log in to our Augusta University WebEx site.
    2. Under Host a Meeting, click Schedule a Meeting.
    3. If you see the Advanced Scheduler page, click Quick Scheduler.
    4. Select a Meeting Type, enter a Meeting Topic, then enter and confirm the meeting password.
    5. Specify the Date, Time and Duration. (Setting duration is for planning only — the meeting will continue until you end it.)
    6. Enter the email addresses of people you want to invite.
    7. Click the green Start button to begin the meeting now or click Schedule Meeting if you changed the time or date.
    8. To start a meeting you scheduled, click My Meetings, then locate the meeting and click Start.
    9. See this friendly WebEx Quick Start guide for Students

Faculty and Staff may request Host accounts. 
*students and external persons only use AU Webex as participants.

A simple answer is "anyone." WebEx is available for attendance by students as well as by external attendees, including "guest speakers."  Anyone with an active connection to the internet can join a WebEx meeting, whether from their computer or from their mobile device.

Yes. WebEx has an excellent tool located on their website which checks device readiness for WebEx sessions.

quick start videos

Please click on the green "play" button next to the topic you'd like to learn more about. Please note: we suggest using the Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser for the best experience.  Safari will not support these videos as of a recent update to the macOS.