Siteimprove is an application we use that helps web publishers improve the quality of our webpages. It scans our site regularly, looking for quality assurance issues and accessibility compliance errors, providing a quick way to fix them. 

The application provides weekly reports for each section of the website, comparing the current week with past weeks data. Reports include:

  • Number of pages
  • Pages with broken links
  • Links
  • Broken links
  • Misspellings

Already have an AU SiteImprove Account?

Use your NetID to access your dashboard.

Using Siteimprove

Once an account has been created you will receive a “Welcome to Siteimprove” email. This communication includes your User ID (Your University email address), a link to their help center, and a link log in to Siteimprove. (First step: Set up your password)


Once you're logged in, the dashboard displays the current categorical scores for the digital health of the website, and links to content with issues. Each category is listed below:

  • Digital Certainty Index (DCI) – a mix of accessibility, page trustworthiness, and adaptability to SEO challenges.
  • Quality Assurance – where broken links and misspellings are tracked.
  • Accessibility – how accessible content is to all visitors.
  • SEO – how well search engines can access the meaning of a web page.

Web publishers will primarily focus on the area of Quality Assurance.

Siteimprove dashboard



The navigation on the left is organized in a way that details each category area. By selecting different categories and tabs users will quickly be able to access specific areas of improvement, such as Pages with Broken Links under the Quality Assurance >> Links tab.

Row options that are available: 

  • Re-check – option for Siteimprove to re-check a page to confirm that an update is truly required

  • Display - This will highlight troubled areas

  • Inspect (Score for selected page)

  • Open page in CMS (Will be prompted to log in, if not already)

How can Siteimprove Help?

By utilizing Siteimprove's straightforward, actionable reports, your department and you will be able to edit current content directly highlighted by the reports, track your progress along the way, and plan compliant, quality content for the future.

Identifying Broken Links

Siteimprove shows you what links in your department do not work and even goes a step further and shows you exactly where the link exists on the page and allows web publishers to fix the link directly within OU Campus. It can even report on broken links within PDFs.

Identifying Misspellings

Siteimprove also points out misspellings on your pages.  There will not only be a list of misspellings, but also logical spelling suggestions and words that could potentially be misspelled.

Web Publishers can fix broken links and misspellings via the Edit in CMS button on Siteimprove, which takes you directly to the page in our Content Management System.

Digital Accessibility Compliance

From the Accessibility report, a department can see common, yet easily fixed accessibility errors on their pages, such as:

  • Heading levels that are not using a compliant, navigable hierarchy
  • Image descriptions that are too generic
  • Non-compliant color-contrast ratios

How to get access

Siteimprove access is available to all university web publishers.

Reports can be generated for all units of the university regardless of web publisher status.

Request Access to Siteimprove