Policy Statement

All campus events and date-driven information for students, faculty and staff must be posted to the University Calendar. 

  • An Academic Calendar view will be maintained by the Office of the Registrar for the current academic year and two future years. 
  • An Events Calendar view will be provided for events hosted by or supported through a Augusta University entity such as a college, school, department, program, division, center or institute, office or club.  The Events will be updated by each responsible entity as soon as the date is finalized so the calendar becomes a useful tool for communication and reducing scheduling conflicts.

As new events are being planned, the Master Calendar should be reviewed by any Augusta University group who wishes to host or sponsor an event to avoid obvious schedule conflicts.

  • Prior to submitting a calendar request, the event organizer must reserve the event location through the proper channels, and ensure that the times associated with the event are correct. An event being published to the calendar does not reserve the location.
  • Event listings must include title, date/time, location, sponsor, description and contact information. A website link for additional information is encouraged.
  • Appropriate events include, but are not limited to, lectures, workshops, seminars, arts events, cultural events, community service events, social events, information sessions and athletic events that are of interest to a broad constituent group (students, faculty, staff).
  • Although two weeks is best for event promotion, calendar requests must be submitted at least 5 business days before the event.

Events that should not be published on the University calendar include but are not limited to, events that lack appropriate sponsorship by a Augusta University entity or lack a clear Augusta University connection.  Classes, sales, services, office/lab hours, department meetings, student club meetings, save the dates, and application deadlines will not be displayed on the calendar. In general, no event should be listed that spans multiple weeks. 

The Office of Communications determines what listings appear on the University Calendar, the Featured Events calendar and the Featured Events sidebar on the Augusta University home page and PAWS. DCM reserves the right to delete and/or edit event listings if they do not meet appropriate criteria, violate local, state or federal law, or Augusta University policies and procedures.

Reason for the Policy

Augusta University has adopted a streamlined web calendar system for the purposes of providing important date driven information to students, faculty, staff and our public constituents.

There are two main calendar views:  1) the Academic Calendar and 2) the Events Calendar.  There can be an infinite number of customized views for each department.

A calendar “event” is a deadline or activity about which our internal or external stakeholders need to know.  Each calendar event must have an Office of Record that is responsible for posting and maintaining information about the event on the calendar.  This Office would also assume responsibility for providing more information about the event should there be questions.

The Office of Record will need to choose which of the main calendar views the event should be listed on primarily.  If the event should be included in the Academic Calendar, a request should be made to the Registrar’s Office.  If the event should be included in the Events Calendar, the Office’s web publisher will be able to post the event directly.

All events should also be categorized by selecting at least one sub-category that will generally enable the Office of Record to highlight these on a separate view.  ALL events will aggregate under one of the two Master Calendar Categories (Academic or Events).

DCM will support an Office of Record that wishes to set up a departmental calendar that lists events that do not display on the Master Calendar view(s).