Subcategories: 1st Eight Weeks, 2nd Eight Weeks, Full Term, Summer 1st Five Weeks, Summer 2nd Five Weeks, Summer 7.5 Weeks, Summer Full Term 10 Weeks, Summer Full Term 11 Weeks

Officially approved academic calendar as recommended by the Registrar and Calendar Committee and approved by the Provost.


Events and activities targeted to Alumni.

  Arts & Culture

Subcategories: Films • Visual Arts • Maxwell Theatre

University sponsored events that feature students, faculty or staff engaged in activities that relate to visual or performing arts. This category is used for events that are manually pulled by the Media team from the Maxwell PAT Calendar.


University sponsored sports related events.

  Conferences, Fairs & Symposiums

Activities sponsored by the university that may or may not require registration (regardless of whether there is a cost or not) on a variety of subject areas and which could be open to both internal and external audiences.


Events that are of broad interest to the community we serve including patients and caregivers.
Including events such as:

  • Community health fairs, seminars, meetings
  • Patient advisory meetings
  • Clinic open houses, grand openings, etc.
  • Events sponsored by the Health System (or any affiliated component) for the internal and external communities (i.e. AU Half marathon, etc.)

  Major University Events

Events which are scheduled or sponsored by an academic department, an administrative office, the University Senate, and the Employee Advisory Committee that are planned primarily for members of the AU community and/or the benefit of the University for internal and/or external audiences.

Including events such as:

  • Town Hall meetings
  • Alumni events such as Homecoming
  • MLK Celebration
  • AU Half-Marathon & 10k
  • Military Appreciation Day
  • Annual Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Employee and Student holidays in which the campus is closed
  • University Senate meetings
  • Faculty Assemblies
  • EAC meetings
  • Annual Career Fair
  • Employee Service Recognition
  • Hospital Week
  • Annual Wellness & Benefits Fair, etc.

  Professional Development

Subcategories: HR Training

Events targeted to employees for the purposes of improving skills including education and other training; events focused on student development should be placed in the Student Category.


Events that have some association with our research mission.  Normally events categorized as “Research” should also be categorized in one of the other categories such as Professional Development, Students, etc.


Events and activities targeted to students including career services, student activities.