Hundreds of exciting events are held each year by Augusta University's schools, departments and divisions.

Once your event is planned, your next step should always be to add it to the event calendar. Once you do, it’s easy to publicize and share your event on websites, social media, emails and more. 

Your event is eligible to be published on the calendar if it is sponsored by or affiliated with Augusta University's schools, departments or centers. Unaffiliated events will not be published.

Best Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help with the event calendar?


Submit a web services support request.

Do I need training to add events to the calendar?


We have put together an extensive guide with step-by-step instructions for accessing the calendar and adding or modifying events on the event calendar. If you are still having trouble, please put in a web services support request.

Which events are eligible for the event calendar?


Generally, any event that is sponsored by or affiliated with a Augusta University school or department is eligible to be included in the calendar. Student-run events should be added to rather than the event calendar.

How do I login to the calendar?


Anyone with a NetID may sign in to the calendar and submit events for approval. Only users with admin access will be able to submit events to the calendar without waiting for approval. Web Services cannot reset your password or assist with login issues related to NetID. Use to reset your netID password.

Prior to Feb 15th, calendar contributors may have had different methods to access the calendar. Due to security concerns, we will only be allowing users to access the calendar with the netID going forward.

Why do I receive so many calendar notifications?


Users with advanced permissions will receive notifications any time anyone submits an event to be approved or registers for an event. Unfortunately, the only way to stop receiving these emails is to turn off notifications. The calendar vendor is aware of this problem and is working to correct it. Until then, this is the only method to stop receiving excessive notifications.

Here is how to turn off these notifications:

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Mouse over the EvM menu on the left side and click on 'My Profile'
  • Click on the 'My Subscriptions' tab under your profile.
  • On this screen, choose 'No Notifications' (under Event Workflow Notifications) and 'Off' (under Order Notifications). Click 'Update' to save your subscription preferences.