Application Programming Standards

If you look at today's programming technology landscape, you'll see amazing variety. There are dozens of languages and tools to choose from, and like medical specialties, no one can master all of them. In addition, there may be technical issues, such as operating system compatibility, that may lead you to choose one tool over another, even though they both accomplish the same thing.

Information Technology Services selects standard technologies to ensure efficiency in developing, implementing, and supporting campus information systems. These standards include programming languages and tools used by the Application Systems division. Information Technology Services bases technology choices on their compatibility with current enterprise systems, such as PeopleSoft and Banner; their fit with emerging technologies, such as portals; and their ability to work on our standard operating systems, such as Unix and Windows.

Our site license for Oracle products gives us a robust toolkit for our projects. In addition to providing a standard development platform for Information Technology Services internally, these products are also available for departmental use.

The table below lists our current application development standards.

Category Language/Tool Drivers for Selection Restrictions
Database Management System Oracle Oracle is the database platform of choice for all applications  
Application Integration PL/SQL, SQL Communication between Oracle-based systems  
Java (using Oracle JDeveloper) For Oracle Portal portlet development and for integrations that are not possible in PL/SQL  
Data Management Applications Oracle Application Express (APEX) Internet, enterprise, or departmental applications of any complexity  
Oracle Forms, web-deployed For Banner-related development  
Oracle Forms, client-server Supported for legacy applications Not for new projects
Microsoft Access Supported for legacy applications Not for new projects
Visual Basic Supported for legacy applications Not for new projects
PeopleTools For PeopleSoft HR/Financials development PeopleSoft only
Reporting / Data Visualization PL/SQL Web Toolkit, AppEX Internet or campus-wide reporting where HTML output is adequate or required  
Crystal Reports Enterprise For all enterprise systems, particularly for reports with strict formatting requirements  
SQR PeopleSoft processes and reports are written in SQR  
Business Intelligence OBIEE Business Intelligence related development  
ODI Robust ETL toolset