-October 1, 2020-

AU will discontinue use of Mimecast Archive and begin using Microsoft Outlook Archive.

What is Outlook Archive?

What is Mimecast?

A  solution that provides an extra layer of protection for all university and health system emails, including enhanced email security, archiving, and automatic encryption of outgoing emails containing sensitive information.


ON-campus or connected to an AU domain:

Navigate to the Mimecast Portal. In the portal, you will be able to search for messages, but you will not be able to delete or move any of the messages.


For other locations, including home:

To access your email, you will need VPN or Citrix access. Employees will access the Mimecast by using the Citrix portal, and students will use the Citrix2 portal. 



Email archiving captures email messages and then safely stores them. Emails are automatically removed from your inbox after 180 days and are safely stored and can be accessed in Mimecast.

To honor our Electronic Mail and Messaging Policy , messages in your AU email accounts are automatically and permanently archived as follows:

    • Sent / Sent Items - 60 days 
    • Trash / Deleted Items - 15 days
    • Junk / Junk Email - 30 days
    • All Other Inboxes and Folders – 180 days


Every day at 3PM you will receive an email from POSTMASTER with A LIST OF potential spam messages. You will be given the option to  release, block, or permit these messages. 



Releases the message from POSTMASTER, and delivers it to your Inbox.

Messages from this sender are still reviewed by our spam policies, so future messages may be sent to POSTMASTER.


Removes the message from POSTMASTER, but does not deliver the message to your Inbox.

Messages from this sender are blocked, rejected, and will not be delivered to your Inbox.


Releases the message from the POST MASTER, and delivers it to your Inbox.

Messages from this sender will be delivered to your Inbox, as long as they pass virus scanning, content, and attachment policies.

POSTMASTER notifications will be sent only if you have new messages on hold. You can also manage what messages are placed on hold by reviewing and changing your settings in the Mimecast portal.