Microsoft's Office 365 is the primary campus email and calendaring service for faculty, staff and students. 

What does email archive mean? 

Augusta University has enforced email retention polices for all AU email accounts.

How do I log into email? 

 You can log into email from a web browser by visiting  Use your AU NetID username and password to log in.

How does Duo work with AU email?

Accessing AU Email while on campus will not require Duo (two-factor authentication). When off campus, you will be required to authenticate with Duo. Visit the Duo FAQ page or check the Duo email article here to learn more and see what access will look like.

How do I send a secure email message?

Any person sending email containing sensitive or protected information should secure the message by inserting the word 'secure' in the subject line of the email.

  •   The word 'secure' is not case sensitive.
  •   The word 'secure' can be anywhere in the subject line. 
  •   Remember to check that you are sending the email to the correct recipient before hitting Send.
  •   Learn more about the complete steps here.

Correct Examples

Secure - please review information
Please review information secure
Please review the secure information
Please reviewsecure message     (Yes this is correct - no space is required before or after the word 'secure')

What is secured when I use the 'Secure' tag in my subject line?

Using the 'Secure' tag in the subject line will ensure the subject line, body of the message, and any attachments are appropriately secured. 

What if my email is only to AU recipients?

All emails containing sensitive or protected information must include the word 'secure' in the subject line. This includes messages for internal or external recipients. Messages sent internally to other AU recipients will not look different because they are already secured within our email system. In the event a message gets forwarded to someone outside of AU, the message already containing the 'secure' tag in the subject line, will then be secured through the AU system.  

How does the recipient receive my secure message?

Secure messages sent to internal AU recipients and opened with Outlook or the AU webmail portal, will automatically be displayed in their original form. Messages being sent to external recipients will require the user to log into the AU Mimecast Portal to view the email and/or attachments. See the complete process of sending and receiving a secure email here

What happens if I forget to add 'Secure' to an email with PHI?

All email sent externally will be scanned for sensitive or PHI data. If you forget to include 'Secure' in the subject line, the Mimecast system will automatically secure any messages suspected of containing sensitive or PHI data. The recipient of the secured email will be required to create an account on the server in order to view the contents of the message. 

To see what the Mimecast email and Messaging portal look like, click here

What happens if I receive an encrypted email?

If you receive an encrypted email from an external source that you were not expecting, you should verify with the sender that the message is legitimate before opening it. If the message is legitimate, you should follow the steps in the email to retrieve the encrypted message. The steps may vary slightly depending on which encryption system the sender is using. If you are unsure how to complete the steps, please contact the Help Desk for assistance. 

Why does AU use Duo and Secure email?

Augusta University takes the security and privacy of all patient, student, faculty, and staff data seriously.  We must implement security controls to demonstrate our compliance with federal and state laws.  These laws requires us to protect all sensitive information – including electronic protected health information, personally identifiable information, and other sensitive data that could cause legal or reputational harm to the enterprise.

How do I download the Office365 Outlook app?

Learn more here

How do I setup email on my mobile device?

Learn more here

How do I report phishing emails to Information Technology?

Avoid clicking on hyperlinks or opening attachments from senders you do not recognize.

The "Report Message" add-in is a new option within Outlook, allowing you to quickly and easily report suspicious messages to the AU/AUHS Cybersecurity Team and Microsoft simultaneously. This replaces the need for you to forward emails as attachments. By using this button, you are helping the AU/AUHS Cybersecurity Team more rapidly identify dangerous attacks and automate the cleanup process.

Microsoft Outlook Client
Home Tab -- Upper Right Corner -- Report Message Button

Outlook Web Access
Within the email -- Click the "..." -- Report Message

Outlook Mobile App
Within the email -- Click the "..." -- Report Message

For more information, please see our public knowledge base.

What does [External] in the subject of an email I receive mean?

AU has implemented a process that marks all incoming external emails with [EXTERNAL] in the subject line. In addition to the [EXTERNAL] flag, you can see a warning within the email message pane “This is an external email. Use caution responding, opening attachments and following links.”  These measures are in place to remind you to be cautious when opening or clicking on links/attachments from unknown senders. If you were not expecting an email from the sender you may wan to contact them via phone to verify the message before opening it. You can also forward messages like this to to be vetted before you open them. 

Where do I change my email password?

Change your password at the self-service password reset site:  

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