What about my privacy with the Duo mobile app?

Privacy matters to Augusta University. AU IT aims to be 100% transparent regarding what information is captured and visible. The sole purpose of installing the Duo Mobile App is to provide a second method of authentication for AU Systems. The application does collect other information with the intent to provide assurance that your mobile devices are safe and secure. 

AU may use this data in the event of a cyber-security incident to assist in validating whether the phone was a reliable and trustworthy second method of authentication.


  •  Track your location
  • Access your contacts 
  • Read your text messages or emails

In general, the only personal data that Duo Mobile knows about you are the service accounts that you explicitly add to Duo Mobile. However, Duo does not track any personal data about these accounts--only the name of the service.The DUO Mobile application will also ask you whether you wish to share Application usage information with the creator of the DUO product. This is optional to allow or deny.

For additional information privacy concerns please review: What data does Duo Collect?

Detail regarding the Android specific permissions can be found here: https://help.duo.com/s/article/3464?language=en_US
Detail regarding the IOS (iPhone) specific permissions can be found here: https://help.duo.com/s/article/4424?language=en_US

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