Need a New Computer?

To request a quote for a new computer please visit and follow these steps:
Step One: Choose "Request Something”
Step Two: Choose “Computer Quote Request” and complete the form entirely
Step Three: Choose “Order Current Item”

Please enter as much detail regarding computer model, specifications, and peripherals such as monitor(s), docking stations for laptops, etc.

Standard configured computer specifications

Computer Request Form     

Computer Labs


Augusta University uses part of the Student Technology Fee for student printing supplies. At the beginning of each semester, students will receive $25.00 in print funds.  These funds are automatically added to the printing system and cannot be used for any other purposes. In order to print you must visit the JagCard office to get your JagCard as a first time student. Your JagCard allows you to print each semester that you are enrolled for classes.

There are printers located in many of the computer lab classrooms. Students who log onto the computers in the labs will be able to print directly to the printers in that room.  There are release station printers located in

  • Allgood Hall E158,
  • Reese Library 1st and 2nd floors,
  • Greenblatt Library 1st floor
  • Health Sciences building 2nd floor
  • Education Commons 2nd floor
  • Oak Hall
  • Hull-McKnight Georgia Cyber Center rooms 1011, 2011 and 3011

These release stations allow you to print from your laptop if you are connected to GR-Secure and have installed the AU Printing software.  Swipe your JagCard at the print release station to print.

Printing Costs

Single-sided black & white prints $0.05 per page
Double-sided black & white prints $0.04 per page
Single-sided color prints $0.15 per page
Double-sided color prints $0.14 per page

Computer Lab Equipment

Computer labs have Windows and Macintosh workstations, and most offer access to campus applications. Availability of additional software and services depends on the needs of the campus and department. They include:

  • Large-format printing (Reese Library 2nd Floor)
  • High-performance multimedia services (Reese Library 2nd Floor)
  • Scanners (Reese Library 2nd Floor & Greenblatt Library)

Computer Lab Types

  • Walk-In-Lab:  A computer area available for students to walk-in and use the resources during the hours specified, unless otherwise booked.
  • Classroom Lab:  A classroom that is also equipped with student computers. Labs are also reserved by faculty for the use of teaching. Access may be available when the lab is not booked for a class, but users will be required to leave when a class is scheduled to start.
  • Departmental Computer Lab:  A computer lab with specialized resources usually reserved by faculty for teaching specific major courses of study. Access is available only when attending these classes or associated with a major program of study. Some departmental labs are open for eligible students outside of class hours. 
  • Study Area/Lab:  A location with a limited number of computers, generally a lobby area or small study room. These computers are available for students on a first come basis. 

Computer Lab Locations

Walk-In & Study Area Labs

Available on Both Campuses.

Allgood Hall E158 Mix of 32 Windows & Mac computers Release station printing - Color & Black and White available
Allgood Hall E234 1 Windows & 1 Mac computer Collaboration space for group project work
Allgood Hall E338 1 Windows & 1 Mac computer Collaboration space for group project work
Science Hall Lobby 3 Windows computers Tables for study space available
Washington Hall Lobby 4 Windows computers  
Fine Arts Lobby 4 Windows computers  
Christenberry Fieldhouse Track 3 Windows computers  
Reese Library 1st floor 31 Windows computers Release station printing - Color & Black and White available
Reese Library 2nd floor Mix of 66 Windows & Mac computers Release station printing - Color & Black and White available; scanning, & collaboration space for group project work
Reese Library 3rd floor 24 Windows computers Black and White printing only
Greenblatt Library 1st floor Mix of 22 Windows & Mac computers Release station printing - Color & Black and White available; scanning

Summerville Campus Labs

Classroom Labs available by reservation request only, reserve a room in EMS.

Allgood Hall E126 Capacity 30 Windows Lab
Allgood Hall E257 Capacity 32 Mac Lab
Allgood Hall E365 Capacity 32 Windows Lab
Allgood Hall N132 Capacity 29 Windows Lab
Allgood Hall N344 Capacity 33 Windows Lab
University Hall 162 Capacity 24 Windows Lab
University Hall 223 Capacity 31 Windows Lab            
University Hall 250 Capacity 28 Mac & Windows Lab
Science Hall E1056 Capacity 23 Windows Lab
Christenberry Fieldhouse 199 Capacity 39 Windows Lab

Health Sciences Campus Labs

Classroom Labs available by reservation request only, reserve a room in EMS.

Health Science Building EC2216 Capacity 48 Windows Lab
Health Science Building EC2204 Capacity 25 Windows Lab
Health Science Building EC2231 Capacity 24 Windows Lab

Computer Lab Software

All computer labs contain basic software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and various internet browsers. Software licensed by the institution such as SPSS & Mathematica can be found in every lab. Specialized software for teaching purposes is installed by request. 

Check back soon for a complete list of software available by location.

Computer Lab Policies

The computer labs are reserved for currently enrolled student use, unless reserved from Classroom Scheduling for other use by an approved group. 

Students should have their JagCard on their person when using the labs in case Public Safety officers come by to validate IDs.

Students should not unplug or tamper with any computer equipment in the labs. If something is not working correctly, please visit one of the Help Desk locations or call 706-721-4000 to report the problem.

All computer lab and study areas will be closed when the campus is officially closed for holidays. 

Extended service location: The Reese Library and Greenblatt Library have computer labs that are open for extended hours. Please check the University Library website for the hours of operation for both locations. All other labs are closed when the posted building hours end, so students must go to one of the libraries to use the computers.